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Sorry in advance if this comes a bit incoherent and overstretched, I tried to structure and edit it as best as I could.

I'm one of "I originally picked Luke, but I went back and chose Kota" people myself. According to survey, about 18% of respondents have done the same. The reason I think, is that choice and it's consequences are very vague. It worded "Whom do you want to bring to the Hotel? Some athletic and fun or someone thick and classy?". On this wording alone I probably expected someone more like hip gym teacher cracking dad jokes. And yeah, Luke is not everyone's idea of "fun", so I personally felt, that he's a bit mislabeled (more like sad, considering his introductory episode). But that is totally okay and don't really need a change, the real issue here is that, when you pick whether to bring to the Hotel either Luke, or Kote, the characters themselves are not yet introduced and the game doesn't really telegraph well, that this choice will affect who is in charge of lounge. So the players pick blindly and there is no real way to alter this choice other than reload. As I see, it can be fixed in two ways. First, easier one, as it brings minimal change to the script: both Luke and Kota could be introduced before MC makes the choice of whom they want to bring into the Hotel. Problem here is that will create a narrative blob, because both of character introductory episodes will be played one after another. I don't mind, but it will make plot a bit disconnected and it may fatigue players, especially those, who don't really care for guests. The second option: leave choice of bringing first guest as it is, but when the guest request to work at lounge add an additional choice on whether hire them on the spot, or refuse them saying something like "I' need some time to think about it", which prompts another choice when the second guest arrives, whether give lounge to Luke of Kota. The problem here is that this will require writing of additional scenes and four game states instead of two (two when second guest arrives and lounge is furnished, and two more when second guest arrives and lounge is unfurnished). But i think it is the better option, because players wouldn't feel as if they lack control over situation and the Hotel renovation.

Now, about Luke himself. I don't hate him... but not really a fan of him either. He is coming on very strong, which is absolutely not a bad thing, but it is bound to create more polarized opinions on him, especially in comparison and in contrast to mild-mannered Kota.  It doesn't really help, as RockJock posted above (and I mostly agree with everything in their comment), that when Luke first arrives in the Hotel, well... basically bullies Asterion (I know it's a cheap pun), which makes mother-bird instincts kick-in, at least for me and many other players, I imagine. I don't mind his whole USA quirk, but this Texas-loving truck-driving gun-blazing aesthetic leans heavily into image of conservatives and right (even far-right) wing, which are historically extremely anti-lgbt+. Though it can be really fun, enjoyable, and ironic then such stereotypes are played into gay-furry VN, I can see why some people might find it off-putting (especially considering global fatigue of right politicians, especially USA ones). That being said, I don't think you need to change Luke, at least not yet. You, as writers and developers have a hindsight - you know how his character will develop and the person he someday will become. We, as player, so far been only introduces to him and glimpsed barely one facet of his personality, so our perception of Luke naturally differs. It takes time to get accustomed with a character, at least couple more updates before he can truly be judged. You say you have interesting plans for Luke and I believe you. There are a lot examples of characters, who were initially ill received, but in process grew to be adored. Who knows, maybe Luke will be one of them. But there still bound to be people, who dislike him and it's okay. Yes, it is easier to make alterations early in development, but my word of advice - for now proceed with him as you planned without any changes. Monitor player's feedback, but first let them see more sides of Luke personalty, and if their opinion is still the not the one you hope for, only than make revisions.

Best wishes for you and inspiration.


Hello CryingCroc. What I told RockJock in response to his comment applies just as well to you: thank you for putting your time and energy into writing this. When I've been putting so much time into writing for Mino my perspective can become a tad narrow, having someone reframe things really helps a lot and you did a wonderful job.

As I said to RockJock, hopefully by the time we have build 0.3 we will have some changes to how we structured Luke's and Kota's content.

To close off, I have to say I'm just happy to know you have faith in us, and I hope to keep on giving you and everyone else reasons to continue believing.

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Thank you for your reply! I'm glad I can help even in such small way. I immensely enjoy Minotaur Hotel so far and impatiently looking forward for further updates. Hope you have as much fun writing them, as I have reading them. Wish you creative strength and inspiration, and all good things.