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Hello! First off, I have to thank you for such a well-structured and precise critique. Your response gave me quite a lot to think over the holidays. I won't promise you the world but I have been keeping your points in my head as I've done some edits over the last few days. In particular your points about your agency -- the team and I have discussed a few possible solutions for this.

Hopefully we will have something that addresses your points by the time build 0.3 rolls around. Again, thanks a lot!

Cheers man! I'm just one player so definitely don't promise me the world, but I wouldn't be here commenting if I didn't love this project! I think it really says something that I could be so invested into the game that Luke came on so strong and got me to switch to Kota. I look forward to seeing 0.3 and every build after that.

And though I feel like I'm being harsh on Luke, but that's because I think there's an awesome, fun, and unique character there, he just needs a little spit-shine. I look forward to what does him. Oh and what you do with him.