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I was one of the people who first picked Luke for the lounge, then stopped and reloaded a save to switch because I disliked his changes to the place so much - I was willing to power through my initial impression of him until he turned the lounge into a stripclub, which was just too much for me: the first chosen reshaping of the hotel beyond restoring it (because the MC hasn't chosen, like, a theme or anything for it, unlike the Anon Quest from the pastebin where the thread picked a fancy Dubai island megastructure before guests started arriving) was something I as a person (since MC has little personality right now) would never pick or want for my main lounge of this fancy 20's era hotel for healing lost souls. It didn't feel like Luke was thinking "Hey people need a place they can cut loose to escape/get a buffer from what made you lost" but just "oh lol let's have a sexy stripclub so I can be a thirsty boi" and I as the player (and Asterion's reaction of horror suggests he thinks the same) had to suck it up and have a stripclub for our lounge now all the sudden. 

Alright, I'll admit this last bit may be a bit petty and me giving into the "protect precious minoboy" instinct too much, but also, Luke's first meeting with Asterion is also just spiteful and mean - I know he tries to laugh it off as a joke "Just messing with ya buddy", but it went past rude and crude into mean. While I actually enjoy some of his attitude and how he's a chatterbox that doesn't mind being called out for putting his foot in his mouth (because he clearly lives in the mindset of "live fast to outrun the past and feelings", which is well done and interesting), it's just a really bad first impression for the guy I already decided I was giving the lounge to, before even meeting.

So in short, I felt like I didn't have agency. All I know is that I'm picking 'Someone Fun' or 'Someone Classy', and suddenly that choice is guaranteed to be who reshapes the lounge: Both the first real redesign in the hotel is taken by a guest, and then Luke's vision is a very divisive one that he sticks you with without trying to sell it to you. Even Kota does this, but his changes are... well, both more in line with what I would want, and much more normal and tame. 

Personally, I think I'd like the ability for MC to have a little input as the lounge is being redesigned - it doesn't have to change the background image or even be brought up again, but being able to temper (or encourage, for those inclined) some of Luke's wilder choices in the moment would feel much better, and likewise for Kota's changes, even if they're more normal. 


Hello! First off, I have to thank you for such a well-structured and precise critique. Your response gave me quite a lot to think over the holidays. I won't promise you the world but I have been keeping your points in my head as I've done some edits over the last few days. In particular your points about your agency -- the team and I have discussed a few possible solutions for this.

Hopefully we will have something that addresses your points by the time build 0.3 rolls around. Again, thanks a lot!

Cheers man! I'm just one player so definitely don't promise me the world, but I wouldn't be here commenting if I didn't love this project! I think it really says something that I could be so invested into the game that Luke came on so strong and got me to switch to Kota. I look forward to seeing 0.3 and every build after that.

And though I feel like I'm being harsh on Luke, but that's because I think there's an awesome, fun, and unique character there, he just needs a little spit-shine. I look forward to what does him. Oh and what you do with him.