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lol I've never come anywhere close to needing a loan of any kind, let alone capital for a business. I'm a socialist. All investors are fucking parasites that should be encased in concrete. That's the inherent moral and economic nature of investment, or any other way in which capital owners can profit from others' labour without doing any work themselves. 401ks are US-specific, moron. They're also just a roundabout way for the capitalist government to let poor retirees starve while rich ones can live large on stolen wealth.

And there you have it.

Oop! Someone's scared of the s-word! Someone's afraid of a little worker's democracy! We gon' getcha!

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Yeah, not even close.  If I was afraid of it I'd be working day and night to end the many different social programs we have.  A hybrid of the two is best.  You have the security of making sure everyone is cared for and a reason to try working hard for a living.  Best of both worlds.  Yeah, things aren't perfect, but I haven't found a working model that works better in the non-theoretical world.

Again, you've had bad luck or hanging out in the wrong crowd if every investor you've dealt with was the hellspawn you indicate.  I genuinely hope you have better luck in the future.  It sucks for everyone when bad experiences make anyone want to "throw away the baby with the bathwater".  Peace and good fortune to you.

EDIT:  Major typo, should have said "things aren't perfect".

Investors don't "work hard for a living", nor do employers, nor do landlords, nor do usurers, nor do insurers, you dumb motherfucker.

Lol, wow such language.  Get a grip and chill out man.  Again, there are terrible people in every profession, but your broad statements simply aren't true.  I work in retail, so I'm hardly in any of those positions of employment and yet I have an amazing employer that is family run.  My financial adviser has done great help me the little I can put away to help it earn more for me so I can retire some day.  And any time I've had an issue my insurance company has been great in getting things taken care of quickly without a penny leaving my pocket.  (Also, if your smart about insurance, have a super high deductible so you can keep you premium low and then keep your deductible locked away in a savings account so you can save a bunch of money in the long run).

As for laziness, it can creep into any profession.  Are there lazy good-for-nothing, landlords, investors, and insurers?  Sure.  But they typically don't do that well.  I've seen plenty of the opposite who are very hard working and genuinely care for those they work for.  And let's not forget there are plenty of lazy everyday workers (I've worked with many) who don't even deserve the meager salary they earn.  I'm really sorry you've had such a long string of bad luck lead you to believe that anyone in those roles are nothing but scum.

The beautiful thing about competition is you can't become too greedy otherwise someone starts their own business and steals your clientele.  With some extra regulations you can have a fairly decent and fair economy that benefits those who want to work for a living, but doesn't leave behind those who may have some disadvantages.

Do big corporations get corrupt?  Sure.  It's why we have anti-monopoly laws.  There is such a thing as too big since that breeds too much power, leading to corruption.  And let's face it.  There isn't a single successful example of pure socialism that hasn't had even worse corruption issues.  It's truly abysmal, unfortunately.  The people stuck in those governments truly deserve better.

An excellent book you may want to check out is called Mig Pilot by Lt Viktor Belenko.  Outstanding read with awesome insights from a USSR defector back in the 70s and very easy to read through in a weekend.  Highly recommend.

shut up and read Capital dumbass

Haha, always quality words from you.  Ad hominem, the favorite tool of the fool.

Anyway, I for the most part agree with Capital.  100% socialism isn't the answer, though.  However, better regulation IS needed.  Capitalism isn't perfect and I did concede that already.  However, let's not forget that only 500 years ago the economic inequality was far worse.  People literally were owned by their feudal lords with very few truly free people who owned anything of their own.  Land ownership?  Yeah right!  Only if you were royalty blood or had some distinguished position appointed to you.  In the U.S. home ownership (and the land it sits on) is approximately 67% meaning about 67% of people own they home the live in.  Completely unheard of a few hundred years ago so things have certainly improved.  Not perfect, but not the terrible picture people like to believe.


You can't "for the most part agree with Capital" when you very obviously haven't read it or understood the major tenets of Marx' analysis of capitalism. If you'd read any Marxist history or theory you'd know that Marx said that capitalism was an improvement upon the feudal mode of production. You don't know shit, now shut up and read Capital.