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You can't "for the most part agree with Capital" when you very obviously haven't read it or understood the major tenets of Marx' analysis of capitalism. If you'd read any Marxist history or theory you'd know that Marx said that capitalism was an improvement upon the feudal mode of production. You don't know shit, now shut up and read Capital.

shut up and read Capital dumbass

Investors don't "work hard for a living", nor do employers, nor do landlords, nor do usurers, nor do insurers, you dumb motherfucker.

Oop! Someone's scared of the s-word! Someone's afraid of a little worker's democracy! We gon' getcha!

lol I've never come anywhere close to needing a loan of any kind, let alone capital for a business. I'm a socialist. All investors are fucking parasites that should be encased in concrete. That's the inherent moral and economic nature of investment, or any other way in which capital owners can profit from others' labour without doing any work themselves. 401ks are US-specific, moron. They're also just a roundabout way for the capitalist government to let poor retirees starve while rich ones can live large on stolen wealth.

This game absolutely whips

I love this!! So much character and such a great idea. Wish you all the best with its development.

Nope, they're all scum. They don't do any *labour* in exchange for the profit they take from their investee. Money only has exchange value because it represents goods and services with real, tangible utility. All of that utility is created with human labour. There is no labour being done when investors "provide" capital; they allow access temporarily and ultimately *gain* capital by taking labour value from the investee. Workers could instead simply ignore the assertions of ownership by investors, and just freely use those previously-hoarded means of production to create goods and services, *without* paying any parasites. The only reason workers don't do this is because of the violent enforcement of property owners' will by the state. Investors are thus autocrats, oppressors, and parasites - every last one of them should be buried.

This is an astonishingly good game; probably the best open-source game ever made (not counting games which published their source many years after losing relevance). There's a keen game-design sensibility and attention to detail here which is very rare, let alone in an open-source project. It's an elegant, tight combination of ideas from Factorio and the tower-defense genre that feels very much unlike either of those two inspirations. It's very satisfying and addictive to tend to your growing garden of production lines and defenses while layering more and more complexity as technologies and space allows. I hope you make a fair income from the Steam release!

That would be an incorrect assumption. Investors are parasite scum, just the same as employers, landlords, moneylenders, insurers, speculators, and everyone else who takes money from others without doing any useful labour themselves.

Hi Chuntao. All investors are parasite scum who profit from other people's work without doing any work themselves. You get the wall.

how fucking stupid are you