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shut up and read Capital dumbass

Haha, always quality words from you.  Ad hominem, the favorite tool of the fool.

Anyway, I for the most part agree with Capital.  100% socialism isn't the answer, though.  However, better regulation IS needed.  Capitalism isn't perfect and I did concede that already.  However, let's not forget that only 500 years ago the economic inequality was far worse.  People literally were owned by their feudal lords with very few truly free people who owned anything of their own.  Land ownership?  Yeah right!  Only if you were royalty blood or had some distinguished position appointed to you.  In the U.S. home ownership (and the land it sits on) is approximately 67% meaning about 67% of people own they home the live in.  Completely unheard of a few hundred years ago so things have certainly improved.  Not perfect, but not the terrible picture people like to believe.


You can't "for the most part agree with Capital" when you very obviously haven't read it or understood the major tenets of Marx' analysis of capitalism. If you'd read any Marxist history or theory you'd know that Marx said that capitalism was an improvement upon the feudal mode of production. You don't know shit, now shut up and read Capital.