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The best kind!

I don't think you can, sadly.  Wish you could.

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What about clicking on the sort block changes it's direction of flow?  Or perhaps a "Sorter Alt" block that can be built with this behavior.  

It is super weird to separate multiple materials from one production line.  You end up with a ton of spaghetti messes trying to separate it all out.  I pretty much avoid using them except for emergency situations where I need to incinerate a resource that infected a conveyor belt.

EDIT: I've added an image to illustrate what I mean by an alternate sorter.

And it's not free.  It's pay what you want.  If you feel entitled to free, then so be it.  I think someone who puts forth this kind of work deserves compensation

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EDIT:  Sorry for being salty, but that isn't exactly the way to make someone enjoy a game.  Hope you consider adding warnings or something when the difficulty is going to take a sudden massive spike in one wave.

Original post:  Stained Mountain, Wave 41.  WTF.

4 hours down the drain because you decided to do a 'gotcha' moment.  Two massive mechs come and wreck my base in less than a minute because my 40-50 lightning cannons that were absolutely killing it for the past 40 waves acted like they weren't even there.

F this.  Not enjoyable if you're not even going to give a "Hey, you're gonna get absolutely wrecked next wave if you don't have a million guns and some artillery or something".  Nope, we will just let you fall into a false sense of security with weak wave after weak wave and then pull that bullshit.  WTH.

And why in the hell can't you have saves within a mission?  I could have at least loaded from an earlier save, but nope.  4 hours gone.  Yay, that was fun.

It'd be nice to save maps for that reason, but also because it'd be nice to go back and look at factories I really liked and explore them more.  Damn shame I have to give up all my work when I want to leave to the next map.

Ugh, so frustrated.