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We're going to need to narrow the field a little bit.

Damn, your the real deal. Anyway the one I am looking for is where the 'Demon Purple TitsS SkinL AssS' character in. (Demon>Female>Loli+Teen).

Vouivre Nivernais from Venus Blood: Lagoon.

She's actually a dragon girl and not a demon girl but you can't really tell that so I went with what I thought people would assume if they saw her.

yo could you send me a list of the games in that folder? or even a few screenshots? 


Here's a screenshot with some of the companies from the Nukige folder. I'd just go to VNDB, plug in one of those names, and look at the games they make.

Then you'll start following tags and get completely lost finding way too much shit.

holy fuck theres so many of them, are they all translated into english?


None of those are in English. There's a reason its the Japanese VN folder.
I have ~ 700 GB of English stuff but I haven't pulled a single picture from them because 99% of translated stuff is vanilla and isn't going to contain monster girls, pregnancy, or pregnant monster girls. .

fair enough

dude, i need to learn japanese '.'