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So... the only way to survive is to become a corrupt cop and toss aside all morals to be with a psychopathic criminal?! Don't get me wrong, I love the game for the graphics/music/programming, but I feel like the only way you 'win' is by following wHaT iS sUpPoSeDLy LoVe. The story kinda reminds me of pretty much every Episode story ever, where to make the reader feel like they've won, they have to choose the 'love' ending. What's wrong with the single life? Or just being a good cop?

look............ im just a dumb gay,, and its just a stupid story i wrote on the fly that i didn't put a lot of thought into nor editing..

I get that. I just get over analytical sometimes all the time. I still think the ending could've been better, but I don't mean to come off as arrogant or rude. 

(Also, was that a typo being a 'dumb gay' or 'dumb guy'?)


no typo... im just gay.. gay for krys


I too am a dumb gay and the above interaction just hit me different, so I'm putting my comment here even though I should probably be starting a new thread? Idk the etiquette.

When I first walked in the mansion, I thought "oh no, they're a monster fucker," but by the end I was thinking "oh no, I'm a monster fucker." In other words, this game was a lot more compelling then I expected it to be. I accidentally did the morally superior route, and I had to replay the whole game to see the "get with Krys" ending. It was worth it.

All of the music choices slapped, and set the mood really well. I also love the colors in this game? Wow the artistry.

I feel like I'm rambling. Mostly I just wanted to say, thanks for taking the time to make this cool little story.

aw thank you!! (i have no clue how threads work on itch or rly the etiquette,,,) im really glad you enjoyed it!!! from one dumb gay to another- thank you for playing!!! (*´ω`*)