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Hi! It's hard to give specific hints without knowing which item and note you're missing, but in general, it helps to make sure to touch everything that's green. (Everything that's green is interactable, except the moon on the starting screen!) To find everything you will have to travel through the mansion's 1st floor, 2nd floor, attic, basement, and outside the mansion. Drawing a map of the mansion's floor plan may help!

i don't even like falafel and now i am craving falafel wrap

Congrats! 😁😁😁

Thanks! ^^ The calzone place across the street from my house has a mac & cheese's my faaavorite

This is so darling! I love how fleshed-out the world seems from such a small game!

Damn, Caeth!! 😭❤❤

I love the perspective of the artwork! I feel like it's not one I see often in Bitsys & Bitsylikes 😊

This is so darling!! I'm now tempted to get pizza for dinner tonight 😭

Wow, this is really powerful! It reminds me of a similar game I made (it's privated now) when I hit a rough patch processing my own religious trauma; it's heartening to see some of the same thoughts and worries that I thought I was alone in dealing with. Thank you for making this!

Thanks! 😊😊😊

Thank you so much! ❤❤


God I didn't realize how much I missed that Ducky-brand humor

Yay thank you! 💖

Thank you so much! 😊

This is such a clever concept!! I got really excited when I discovered night mode.... :D

Incredible! I now know to watch my back around cats......

hello yes i am ready to relocate to bread world and live in paradise

Everything about this is amazing but I just want to highlight the textures??? This game has some top-notch textures. ✨

Also how dare you I will never get sick of strawberries

Wow! The colors make it feel so cozy and storybook-like. And boy do I love a fetchquest!! This is so darling ❤

completely BLINDSIDED by the ending, i am now on the floor, have a nice day

So incredibly clever and so jode-like!! I want to play this card game :3

Hot snot! This is incredible!

the EXECUTION tho ✨✨✨✨✨✨

This is so darling! The "surprise reveal" made me gasp! ❤

I don't know how you could have made a more perfect game

Thank you for checking it out! 💖

Sorry I'm getting to this so late but YES this is fantastic 🎉

I was raised on cups, enui.....cups is all I know 😭😭😭

Baked mostacciolli is a very popular dish over here (and everyone pronounces it 'musk-a-ccioli' for some reason). This reminds me a little bit of that! I really wanna try your recipe, it looks simple and delicious! ❤

Sean this is so cute!!! I'm glad you enjoyed your bread!

Wild coincidence I also recently cooked shakshuka....

This is so sweet! I'm definitely gonna to try out this recipe soon!!!!

300 grams of flour....200 degrees Celsius....[sweats in American]

Thank you! 😁

This so darling!!!! Cereza deserves little a toast as a treat....

Thanks so much! ^^

This made me giggle! So cute, great job!


If you just want to add one looping track to your Bitsy game, you can use this tool right here!

If you want to do more advanced music/sound, you can use the BitsyMuse hack. There's a tool to help you add it to your game here!

Thank you! ✨🍲

cats can have little a soup, as a treat

Hi there! 👋

The Bitsy 'dialog' window has options to add different types of dialog that can be used to set variables and add conditionals. If you click 'add', there's a list of options you can choose from:

  • 'Dialog': adds a simple, no-frills dialog box
  • 'List': presents list dialog options - these are dialog structures that can contain multiple sections
  • 'Exit and ending actions': allows you to add an exit or ending to your dialog
  • 'Item and variable actions': allows you to change the values of item & variables

What I think you're looking for can be found in "List'. This gives you the following types of lists you can put in dialog:

  • Sequence List: This list will display the sections of dialog in order as you interact with it. When interaction reaches the end of the list, it will just repeat the final section whenever you interact with it.
  • Cycle List: Like a sequence, it displays sections of dialog in order, but will repeat from the beginning once the end of the list is reached.
  • Shuffle List: This list displays dialog sections in a random order. It's good to note here that the Shuffle List will go through every section once before repeating them again.
  • Branching List: This is your "if-else" conditional list, to make a dialog say one section if X is Y, or a different section if X is Z, and so on.

These lists can also be nested within each other to form more complex dialog tricks. You can use a Cycle nested inside a Branching to make a guy repeat a long speech unless you have some tea to give him. You can use Shuffles inside Shuffles to get even more chaotic random output. etc etc.

Hope this helps!