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Emma Dee

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Thank you so much!!!

This is super nice!!!!!

I am so fond of the Joyful Game. I think it's important (especially in the gaming sphere, where things tend to get competitive at best and vitriolic at worst) that we have games that make us more hyper-aware of our positive connections to other people. Having joy in turn makes you want to share joy with other people!! And in the face of seriousness & pain out in the world, our minds need to...in a sense, "fill up with joy" to combat the world! The definition of a Joyful Player is also nice. Could a Joyful Player in turn make any game into a Joyful Game?

I like how the examples of Joyful Games given all embody a similar aesthetic as well: bright colors, pleasant sound design, and friendly shapes! I'd also like to nominate Videoball by Action Button as a Joyful game. Maybe some people will disagree with me, I don't know. Also, I think what makes a good Icebreaker game is similar qualities to Joyful Games.

Oh my gosh, this is beautiful! "You can have a YSRF narrative, but without gameplay integration, you aren't a YSRF game." is such a powerful phrase and it's really gonna stick with me moving forward. Both the Machine and Human working together -- not only through narrative but through gameplay as well --  is definitely a big theme that I think is valuable in YSRF games.

I've (sadly) never played a Pikmin game, but I'd love to look into it for inspiration. Thank you for the mention!

Thank you!! ^^

omg Thank you so much!!

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Another opportunity for long-winded rambling about how much I love this jam? Boy, would I!

First of all I'm so happy with how my entries turned out. I had some plans and intentions beforehand but the actual developing/writing process felt like flying by the seat of my pants. I had a specific vision for how the YSRF Manifesto was to look and feel, and I basically surprised myself at how exactly on point I was able to realize the project. I've always kind of harbored the notion that creating something (even just writing or talking about something) always places a distortion filter around the original idea, so one can never really truly understand the inside of someone else. But idk, this might have taught me that that's not always true.

Also I'm curious about what people think about YSRF games, and if anyone has ideas for existing games (besides my two) that maybe...have some of these elements in them? I always love looking at other games for just feelings and ideas to absorb. There's one game that kinda gives me similar vibes called Backdoor, but there's bound to be more that I just haven't heard of. Half of my life is just coming up with ideas and then finding out that someone else has done something very similar. :'D

The Notecards were born out of the fact that doing the handrwriting part of YSRF was super fun, as well as kind of inspired by the manifesto dumps of mark and ari. Plus like, I didn't realize until now how much pent-up opinion-ness I wanted to let out? (I'm usually very quiet and non-confrontational. I want people to like meee!!!) It was cathartic. Plus...handwriting, which has always been kinda cathartic for me.

Also a thing I think is funny is that, in Roll-Your-Own Manifesto, one of the D20 words is "fish" which I put in there as a random word for lulz, but then one or two of the manifesto entries actually coincidentally used the word "fish" and it made me giddy.

But eNOuGh aBOut me,,,,, I wanna discuss I Was Trying to Make a Game, but my Dog Was Sitting on my Lap, because it's one (of maaaany many) that really stuck with me! It frames the conversation of inclusivity in a way that was new to me. Plus the whole game is so carefully crafted to be soft and contemplative, which I love. I love the winding path you take while reading that makes you take it slow and think, similar to like the concept of labyrinths? The path could also be a symbol of the journey of a gamedev. I love the pink. I love the dog. I love the secret hidden messages! It's like eating cotton candy.

I could go into more manifestos specifically, or talk about what I've learned from this jam as a whole, but I think I'll stop there for now; my friend and I are gonna go out for sushi.


Thank you!!! I'm surprised by how well my vision of the project translated perfectly into Twine, so that means a lot to me!

I might write this out and hang it on my wall it's so good. Things I need to drill into my head.

As someone who has a tendency to keep games on flash drives, combined with a tendency to lose said flash drives,  a small part of me connected with this manifesto a lot. πŸ˜† This was a thriling read!

So cute. I want "do jams / stay sweet / make games / send tweet" on a t-shirt.

I don't know what the cursor character was intended to be but my mind immediately thought he was a little skeleton friend. I like this Manifesto a lot, it's a neat concept to present the material. ^^

"There's something really nice about just writing some dialogue between characters and getting into it...be it a sort of awkwardness between acquaintances or writing two friends who can joke or not watch what they are saying to each other...even just getting into how truly each character feels in the moment" freaking relatable content right there!!!!

I'm freaking loving this. "There’s a certain connection between aesthetics of spareness, universality, unsentimental and self-punishing β€œstripping down” and the forgetting, excluding, and obliteration of women in general, anything not neutral western white male more broadly." Fuck me UP that is good!!!

Also Incedental Manifesto is pure gold in 17 words

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These make me really happy. I especially like Good Graphics Suck and the Duelist Manifesto. :D

This was a really beautiful read!! 

This is.....so cute!!!!! I loved the story!!!

This is so clever!! Love it! Congrats on jamming!

Thank you so much!! Ah, I knew there was gonna be a typo that I missed. I will fix it in the next update! Thanks!