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Jesus Christ this is so raw. Incredible job

i NEED the name of this track

oh my god....that's all i can say

i feel physically ill (complimentary)

mmmmMMMmmmm bones for the grinder i am

Thank you!

To gain the favor of each knight you have to repair their weapon correctly and also choose the right dialog choices afterwards. Theoretically (if I did my job right) choosing certain dialog paths in the other two knights' dialog should give you clues on what the correct choices are. I believe Lady Odette gives you a clue on how to repair Isabella's staff, and Lady Von Sunflower gives you a clue on what to say.

Also the way the logic is written, I'm pretty sure you have to intentionally do the wrong thing for both Odette and Von Sunflower.

Thank you so much! 😁😁

Thank you! 😊

I have not heard that specific Divine Praises, I will have to check it out!

This is very insightful and well-put-together; I love it, well done!

Oh wow, interesting! I've never seen that before! If that happens I would just refresh and start the game again.

i'm like. kinda angry at how incredible and well-designed this is


gorgeous work!!!! my head hurts from puzzlin now

first i was like 😂😂😂

then i was like 🥺🥺🥺

and at the end i was like 😭😭😭

Thanks! 😄

This got me thinking back to my mom's Palm Pilot she had in the early 2000's, and how the whole family seemed to become enraptured by the little thing.

I also have an old-ass e-ink kindle can tell it's old because the internet browser function is under the "experimental" category. I should pull that out and see if it still holds a charge, and put some pdfs on it.

Hi! The game uses arrow keys/WASD to move & advance text.

Thank you!

I was like "wow this is such an onion game" and then i was like "WOW THIS IS SUCH AN ONION GAME"

Very mysterious and evocative! Everything in this was fun to read ^^

The opening "cutscene" had me floored with how visually beautiful it was, and then it just got better from there! So cozy 🥺

Ohhh this is sweet 🥺🥺 I love the layout of the bitsy, everything feels neatly framed

The eyeball sprite is inspired...👌👌

sometimes you just need a freaking nap!!!!

This is so pretty! The minimalism really lends itself to the piece! Also such a cute bunny 🥺

i am laughing SO hard

This is super cute! You win the award for prettiest music notes I've seen in a Bitsy game. 🎶

This is really beautiful. Bitsy and poetry really go hand-in-hand. ❤

This is cute!!! I am a fan of forests and puzzles!

Overwhelmingly evocative. I always love to see what new trick you put in your santa games! This one doesn't disappoint!! ❤❤

RIPPLEEEEEEEEE THIS IS SO PRECIOOOUS 🥺🥺🥺😭😭💕💕 What an amazing retrospective. Also I can't believe how many nice things you said about me waaaaaaaa

Your voice was so nice to listen to!!

Aw, thank you! This is very darling to watch! 💖

Ran this for a group of dominoes, it was incredibly wacky and fun!!!

this has me in STITCHES

Hi! It's hard to give specific hints without knowing which item and note you're missing, but in general, it helps to make sure to touch everything that's green. (Everything that's green is interactable, except the moon on the starting screen!) To find everything you will have to travel through the mansion's 1st floor, 2nd floor, attic, basement, and outside the mansion. Drawing a map of the mansion's floor plan may help!

i don't even like falafel and now i am craving falafel wrap

Congrats! 😁😁😁

Thanks! ^^ The calzone place across the street from my house has a mac & cheese's my faaavorite

This is so darling! I love how fleshed-out the world seems from such a small game!