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Not only that, but this game connects to the Deep Sleep trilogy lore and even has a recurring character. 

-touches all de boobies-

Haha jokes aside, great game! It was well designed and beautifully written.

{ps} I've never seen someone publicly thank co-vid, even if it's in a "special thanks" shoutout :P

Thank you for sharing your story with us. You did such a great job at adapting something so personal into a game!

So do I just unscramble everything and that's it? Or is there an ending I'm supposed to get?

Hey it's free now so why not give it a shot?

If you don't mind me asking, was this game based on a true story? Or just the concept of stuff your cousin told you on behalf of your departed relatives?

The epilogue got me in tears. The father knew and is still proud of his son. Ohhhh my heart ;-;

Nice graphics, interesting story. It was a bit hard seeing if I was progressing anywhere in the story and I got stuck for a while after reaching the ground floor, but overall nice work.

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I don't know what to say so I'm going to use your own game's words to describe it: 

"...I did not speak, but it was not horror or disgust that stayed my tongue... I must tell [ducky] that [this] was by far the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen."

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Thank you! That was satisfying to finish a game I was stuck on for almost a year and I wasn't sacrificed this time! (I even tried reuniting the chocolate girl as well as using the vending machines but that didn't make a difference haha)

I hope more games revolving around this universe gets made because so far it seems like an interesting concept. Though it seems pretty vague at the moment, it still has the potential to expand a bit instead of remaining as a one-shot. Either way, nice work on Sacrifice! I can't wait to see what else you make.

Fun game! Is there an ending or does it just keep going for as long as you can hold off?

Cute game with a simple story. I played it twice to see if the choices made any difference, which they didn't, but I still enjoyed the game.

Great story! I didn't think it was possible to get "35 of 32 possible points" lol or was that a typo? I have so many saves for this game just so that I can compare and see how the choices affect the story and I haven't even gotten to playing different personality combinations yet! Honestly, I applaud you for the awesome work you put into this. I'm definitely going to have to spend another hour or so to try out different branches because I just want to be immersed in the many possibilities you've put in this story. 

A ship has most definitely sailed, it's called the Omen and it carries gay pirates and precious booty!

Amazing detective game! I loved how the mystery unraveled. I'm going to keep this short so that I don't give away spoilers :P

I don't know if this was a typo or if I did not understand the motives correctly, but the last phone call and the last memo don't seem to match on a timeline? 

I wonder why the test subject didn't kill the MC right away like what it did to everyone else or did I miss something? Of course, if that happened then we wouldn't be playing this game haha. 

Holy moly! The story, the art, even the background music!! GAH THIS SUSPENSE IS GONNA KILL ME. 

The only thing I would suggest is a way to make the text go by faster or at least not rely on the tiny triangle to skip dialogue. Like, a larger area to click on or even keys to advance texts instead. Or even the ability to go back to the journal throughout the gameplay so that players can read it over again. 

Other than that, I wonder how many games you'll make to take us on this epic journey to figure out the shady dealings of Relief Eternal :D I can't wait!

I came back after half a year to see if anything changed :/ 

I do hope we get more of this story though because I'm intrigued! Seems interesting and I kinda wanna know more about this random selection sacrifice thing.

AIGHT I'M SUPER HYPED FOR THIS GAME. Here are my thoughts on it as I'm playing through it. Nobody asked for it, but here we goooo:

  • Funny how we can't trade the towel we STOLE from a MOON HOUSE for a crank that bird guy found. I mean, maybe it has sentimental value since it was with us from the start of the epic journey :P
  • If they can make flying trains, why not make planes instead of using resources on tracks? 
  • Oookay... passages that let people/robots/birds move to and fro a moving train? Should I assume that this is not the handywork of birds but rather the universal passages that the telephone person introduced to us?
  • Nooo our towel ;-; I guess it was a nice thing to give it to that old bird but it had sentimental value! Even the dialogue says we "reluctantly hand her the towel" xD Then again the dialogue seems like its foreshadowing our reunion?
  • "Do you mind detouring this entire train filled with passengers and packages that were expecting to arrive on time? ...Why? No reason, just coz." LOL
  • I'm loving the little self care is important dialogue and the conductor's bonus dialogue that not all bad days will be followed by bad days <3 I'm digging these positive vibes
  • Reading what the siblings who run the store have to say, I find it heartwarming to see how highly they view each other <3 It's sad how they underestimate themselves but the dynamic of them boosting each other up is quite wholesome
  • Loving the ever growing dedication note to caffine. At first I wasn't sure if that was a username but considering how the name changed everytime, I'm assuming that wasn't a coincidence :P

I probably have more thoughts in the 'ol noggin about the tiny details I noticed, but it's probably just incoherent sounds of approval. I'm curious what the next game is about and I wonder how many more will follow in this series! I can't wait to further unravel the identity of the shifty character behind the phone calls! 

Keep up the fabulous work! I love your games so FREAKING much! I don't even know the genre of these type of games but I love em like crazy.

This was more lighthearted than I anticipated xD nice work on this funny game!

"I sure do wish I knew how to play the piano... Maybe if I just... keep staring it'll happen." I'm feeling mildly attacked right now xD 

Okay but seriously, I hope this maybe blows up into a series about this quiet badarse roaming the west and kicking stigma and stereotypes in the butt in her own silent way. This is pretty fun 

Pretty funny. That milk bit was stressing me out for a while haha.

I love the emotions you managed to fit in such a short story. Well done!

Absolutely loved it! Definitely wasn't disappointed when I found this game. I kept playing to see if there was an alternate ending to find out who the CEO was but I'm guessing there's only one ending to this, right?

Love the graphics, music, and writing! Keep it up!

Amazing quality, amazing story, amazing graphics, amazing audio. This game is awesome. 

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I kinda just stumbled into the sink thing when I started exploring randomly (like I normally do) and was surprised when something happened XD 

Though if you do need  to check which sink, I think it was the guy-who-upset-his-wife's house. He kinda has a pumpkin head. Did his wife put his head in a pumpkin? Sounds like he could have his own story lol 

Also, I love how that lady on a date technically doesn't give a bad ending no matter what you do :P

I'm curious, is this going to be developed into something more or is it just a oneshot type thing? Honestly it would work either way but I'm curious :P

Fair point lol. It's just that it wasn't much implied with the mom's dialogue other than him always playing superhero. 

And I agree, RPS is the ultimate way of kicking criminal ass :P

By week 11 I managed to max out the happiness bar and what I assume is the money bar.

By week 19 I finally maxed out the first three bars. I gave up trying to max out everything it was taking too long.  

Fun game. But clearly I need better friends xD

When the full game comes out, will it not be free anymore?

This game was beautifully made. I really do hope for more games like this! The little funny bits drew my attention and the drama aspect made this writing even better since it was balanced throughout. The game play was seamless even with the minor bugs. The use of keywords to progress a story is not often used, and the way you did it with an RPG maker was a new and refreshing style I hope to see more of. 

This game was extremely fun. Simple, but well put. That last door really peeved me though because it wasn't remotely hinted I would need that kind of info XD This could be developed into something more complex, or not. That's the charm in it. 

Beautiful game. I love how different choices changes some dialogue, but there's not really a difference besides the outcome of who gets to say what. 

The extra residential section seems unnecessary. I can only assume it's there to establish the steampunk vibes and the detail is astounding. It did however throw me off my first play through when I had to find the victim's apartment because (1) that section wasn't closed off even though the train section was and (2) it was the first place I checked since it easily matched the description of a place where the victim would live as well as how they died. In short, I did not except a tiny one-story looking balcony to be the scene of the crime. I still wouldn't shun the beautiful graphics for that section since it did help establish the game's universe, but did not by any means involve the actual story. 

Same thing could apply for the train station I suppose. A cut scene would have sufficed since the actual area had no use (other than that odd bit with the mouse). 

If the purpose of having all that walking space was for players to get immersed in that world, there would have been other ways to do that without creating those unused areas. If detail was what you were going for, mannerisms, local slang, and even terminology to name a few would equally captivate players. After all, you did say this was "a story focused game", and dialogue is a really important aspect of stories which would have been incorporated anyways. 

By absolutely no means am I trying to discourage all of the hardworking people that made this game, because the game is fabulous! I'm just hoping some constructive criticism and suggestions would help improve games like this because if quality and effort like what I just saw got fine tuned, it could make games that were good, become far greater. 

I love how simple the concept and game play is but the thought and details put into each possible ending is what makes this truly a game worth playing. 

Poor Maxi-Man... first his secret identity is revealed, then he gets grounded XD Why does he get grounded anyways? 

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Is there something special about the closest and computer? I see the question mark and go over to click the stuff, but nothing happens with the closet and the guy (understandably) won't let me use his laptop. 

Edit: After playing a few times, I noted that the NPCs changed. That was a very nice touch! 

Edit 2: After playing even MORE, I noted that different desserts can still satisfy the NPCs as long as it fit in their criteria. Another REALLY nice touch.

Edit 3: One of the house's kitchen sinks work XD what's up with that? 

+1 for puns

+1 for talking animals (x3 because there are three talking animals, x4 if you include the blobs)

+2 for adding an instakill BORK 

+3 for comedy

+1 because I want to and this is a really cute and fun game