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Such a cute game! This was fun to play even though it was short. 

Wow this game is awesome! Love the concept and I wish this story went on longer. This is definitely the type of detective games people want and need. You could probably even make a whole series with this thing!

Hmm.. interesting and new concept on ending a story. I guess it adds intrigue that way haha.

I enjoyed the theme of people assuming things and since the story is set to an sort of medieval setting, it does make sense to end on that note because realistically, I figure people would act that way too. But yeah, the vagueness didn't play off successfully though that's just me. Other than that, your story writing is wonderful and I hope you make more Twine.  

This was so much fun! My mind is completely blown! The story was AWESOME and the weight of the choices were what kept me playing this game over and over to try out various endings. The pathway to get the "habitable ending" was just absolutely brilliant. I really really really really hope you continue making games like this. Keep up the awesome work! 

(I don't think this should be tagged as a horror type game but I'm glad it isn't otherwise I'd shit myself and never see the end of this masterpiece.)

Never been in a relationship, but my best friend has been through one similar to this. From an outsider point of view it hurts to see relationships like this and how it damages people. I wish that the game character got a happier ending like my friend did, but I guess that's life where not everyone "gets saved". Wonderful game, theme, and even the background music was nice. 

This is a good story, but what was the purpose of it? Is there some meaning behind it that I missed? Was this to get accustomed to using Twine? Or perhaps the demo for a bigger story?

Overall, I enjoyed reading and this short bit was good, but I felt like it was heading nowhere at the moment.

I... I don't know what I just played. The game was good, don't get me wrong, but what is this??

I finished the game with only 5 boxes :P I don't know if that was a bug or not, but I still died in the end. I wonder what's the least possible amount of boxes you can use to reach the end. 

I love how all of your games (especially this one) are engaging with a really impacting feeling after playing. I also enjoy how this game is challenging, but still beatable with a bit of determination. 

We need more game creators like you. Thank you for making this game.

I can't wait to see this game finished! Keep up the amazing work. Hopefully a full screen version will be added too.

Same! I had problems with the cow too :/

I love murder/detective games like these! Great work with the game! However, sometimes during interrogation the game freezes. Other than that, I loved it! 

I get that. I just get over analytical sometimes all the time. I still think the ending could've been better, but I don't mean to come off as arrogant or rude. 

(Also, was that a typo being a 'dumb gay' or 'dumb guy'?)

It's scary how much I was like this just a year ago. Change is hard, really really hard, but it's worth it. It just took a long time to find something worth fighting for. 

This story hits hard and gives the message straight to the point. (I almost started tearing up when the sister started going "Ate??") Thank you for making this. 

Such a well thought out game!

So... the only way to survive is to become a corrupt cop and toss aside all morals to be with a psychopathic criminal?! Don't get me wrong, I love the game for the graphics/music/programming, but I feel like the only way you 'win' is by following wHaT iS sUpPoSeDLy LoVe. The story kinda reminds me of pretty much every Episode story ever, where to make the reader feel like they've won, they have to choose the 'love' ending. What's wrong with the single life? Or just being a good cop?

I need that final photo on a tshirt XD

Thank you for making this. People needed to see this.

I don't understand how I'm supposed to get the first code though. 

This is such a beautiful story!

Oh my god this game is fantastic! The controls are easy enough that it isn't confusing and the story so far is great! Not to mention the audio and graphics!! I can't wait till this game is finished!

It took me until the end of the game to understand why it was was called "u no" XD

Love the graphics, the story, and the game!

I love games like this that expose real world issues. The quality of this game is amazing too! 10/10

I think the percentage system from the first game worked better because it was easier to see the impact of your choices in both individual spells and as a whole. The little notes about how each chosen spell in the first game was used also made a nice touch. I also think that the payment system in this game was pointless, since the money players have accumulated doesn't make any impact to their character or to the story. I like that this game opens players to suggest new spells, but I think the first game was better overall, it just needed more days, spells, and perhaps even a motive or goal towards different endings. 

I'm loving your work so far and your dedication towards Spell Sorter. Keep it up.

This is such a cute game! The waves of enemies can get overwhelming and switching weapons mid-battle can be tricky, but I love this game. If a full game comes out, I'd definitely play it.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong with the animals. 

The style and music is pretty awesome though, but sometimes the backgrounds (ie trees or people) cover the character if they get too close then the dimensions looks wonky. Other than that, 10/10