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AIGHT I'M SUPER HYPED FOR THIS GAME. Here are my thoughts on it as I'm playing through it. Nobody asked for it, but here we goooo:

  • Funny how we can't trade the towel we STOLE from a MOON HOUSE for a crank that bird guy found. I mean, maybe it has sentimental value since it was with us from the start of the epic journey :P
  • If they can make flying trains, why not make planes instead of using resources on tracks? 
  • Oookay... passages that let people/robots/birds move to and fro a moving train? Should I assume that this is not the handywork of birds but rather the universal passages that the telephone person introduced to us?
  • Nooo our towel ;-; I guess it was a nice thing to give it to that old bird but it had sentimental value! Even the dialogue says we "reluctantly hand her the towel" xD Then again the dialogue seems like its foreshadowing our reunion?
  • "Do you mind detouring this entire train filled with passengers and packages that were expecting to arrive on time? ...Why? No reason, just coz." LOL
  • I'm loving the little self care is important dialogue and the conductor's bonus dialogue that not all bad days will be followed by bad days <3 I'm digging these positive vibes
  • Reading what the siblings who run the store have to say, I find it heartwarming to see how highly they view each other <3 It's sad how they underestimate themselves but the dynamic of them boosting each other up is quite wholesome
  • Loving the ever growing dedication note to caffine. At first I wasn't sure if that was a username but considering how the name changed everytime, I'm assuming that wasn't a coincidence :P

I probably have more thoughts in the 'ol noggin about the tiny details I noticed, but it's probably just incoherent sounds of approval. I'm curious what the next game is about and I wonder how many more will follow in this series! I can't wait to further unravel the identity of the shifty character behind the phone calls! 

Keep up the fabulous work! I love your games so FREAKING much! I don't even know the genre of these type of games but I love em like crazy.

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  • Look, the towel has sentimental value, ok.  Just ignore the fact it was stolen.
  • Maybe they never invented planes, trains seem to fly just fine to me.
  • Yeah, it's not any bird handywork that there's a passage on the train.  It just popped up one day and no one knew what to do about it.
  • In other words:
    • Passenger: Excuse me, there seems to be something wrong with the train bathroom.
    • Mechanic: Alright, I'll take a look.
    • takes a look into the endless void beyond the doorframe
    • Mechanic: ....huh.
    • Mechanic: ...definitely broken.
    • puts up caution tape on the door
  • Yeah!  A lot of these positive vibes just came out organically, I'm happy with how they turned out.  Maybe it's because of the current state of the world, who knows.
  • I think out of the characters I introduced in this game, I like Peck / Piper the most.
  • I drink too much caffeine.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the game, thank you!