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i am a bit confused. i thought - knowing / reading the description - that it is a game you download to play.
But the only thing I recieved are rules to play
It leaves me with the following questions:

- How do I play?

- If not in the game, where should I play?

- Where to find a partner to play?

- last but not least: how does the game end?

Do not get me wrong, I love the idea behind it, but from the point of the player/ potential buyer, it is really confusing

Please do not get angry with me, I am just confused and frustrated that this great concept is left without enough info to start exploring it's potential




it's a tabletop game, so you don't play on something downloaded. follow the rules to play the game wherever you like, with whoever wants to play with you. i havent downloaded it yet so i dont know about endings, but i'd suspect it's when you feel like finishing