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this is really interesting, and i have mixed feelings. i really like that youve turned a game into a visual essay kind of sorts, and thanks for making this picture tool! very useful. the pixellation of the images adds something, given that theyre images of increasing brutality. and the fact that you have to search for the link to the next page forces you to search through the image more closely, taking it in. at one point i thought that the motif was the links were all police weapons, but they were all protestors / victims / civillians, right?

on the other hand, this use of brutal images, and the requirement to search through them, becomes unsettling when its an image of george floyd being murdered. images of black people being murdered get thrown around so flippantly, and i know youre not being flippant about this, so i guess its a question of making a serious point about police brutality and being sensitive to the victims, and where the balance lies.

im just writing all this because this game really caught me for a moment. i think its really clever and want to see the techniques you used taken further. so thanks for making it :)

this is incredible. brilliant narrative that perfectly ties with the form, which is exceptional. great, great piece of art

thank you for offering free copies for trans people! i love this practice. in return i hope commenting boosts the visibility of the project in itch's algos <3

very cool!

of course u can get more tea! but only if you like it black, milky, and full of sugar :)

thanks for responding so fast! i'm gonna try this with my friend. maybe there should be a bitsy exquisite corpse jam...

hey! this is a really cool concept, could you tell me more about the process? did beck also make the backgrounds? how much of a plan did you have for the sprites you gave beck? how did you come up with the exchange?

i did have the thought "why dont you just burn the youtube rip onto a dvd?" - the physicality thing is real, but also something that can be DIY'd

this is VERY geeky. in a good way. id love to see it expanded

i love the use of the mazes and how they move around!! but i felt there was an overuse of the shaking and wiggling text (thats just personal taste though :P )

hey!! i'm writing a report rn for uni about an artist's work on the history of plotlands and land ownershp in essex and this feels like a piece of the puzzle. im so glad i found this, thank you for making it, and thank you for linking to cotters and squatters!

thank you! they're very small, 3" squares, and it was a lot of fun :)

i really like the voice in this! im looking forward to seeing where it goes :)

oh my god dude

this is fun! i love it! do you know about quantum sheep haikus? haikus written onto sheep to create random variations. i think looking into the words used for those poems could be really helpful formally.

it's a tabletop game, so you don't play on something downloaded. follow the rules to play the game wherever you like, with whoever wants to play with you. i havent downloaded it yet so i dont know about endings, but i'd suspect it's when you feel like finishing