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Thank you for the reply 

Ah, okay! Good that you pointed it out - without it I wouldn't have played it again.

Maybe  - if  possible - you should create a banner or bar to let the player know what rules apply to each stage

But in the end. it was a nice concept

Thanks for your reply 

What a shame! I'd love to see it through the  end.

Keep up the good work !

It was really fun! But sadly It crashed 4 times on me. I was looking forward to the finale - but great idea!

Nice game. I played until stage3, but sometimes i didn t know what to do :-)

the grammar need some work. did you translate it with google translate?

Good Luck with the development <3 

I love this game! 

Was totally worth the 7$ I spent on it

It reminds me of Persona5 - in a good way

Keep up the good work, the world needs more of this special art

- with love

Lexi <3