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Nice game. I played until stage3, but sometimes i didn t know what to do :-)

Hello and thank you for playing and for your comment.

It works like this:

1. Click when her drink is shown. (A)

2. Pick the drink she likes from the ones falling from above (use A or D to move your glass left or right)

3. Click when her drink is shown, then click again to choose your and match both (A, A again)

4. It's pure luck, you have to guess using A or D if her drink is up (A) or down (D)

5. It's a slot machine! Just click once (A) and see. (no penalties here!)

Thank you for playing, i hope you enjoy it and can finish the game.

Thank you for the reply 

Ah, okay! Good that you pointed it out - without it I wouldn't have played it again.

Maybe  - if  possible - you should create a banner or bar to let the player know what rules apply to each stage

But in the end. it was a nice concept

On the intro screen before each stage is suggested what to do, but i will consider to make it clear to player what to do.

Thank you, i will consider it for the next games. I hope you can play it complete now.