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Okay so I have only gotten free stuff on itch before: how does 'ownership' work for something like this? I know that might seem odd to ask but I want to buy this for my boyfriend for XMAS so he can have access to the GM info and if I buy it on my itch account, will it be locked to me? Do I get a code that I can just give to him so he can access it instead? Want to be sure I dont violate any sort of DRM; hope Im articulating my concern properly. 


If you select "buy" there's an option to buy it as a gift, so you'd be able to enter his email.

To expand on what KevinBates said, gift purchases on are explained here:

And this page explains what you'll see when you buy it, what he'll see when he gets the purchase email, and what the benefit of creating an account is (it's not required because purchases are associated with email addresses, but doing so lets you organize all your purchases in one spot):