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Thank you very much! Good work on the game :)

hey, is it an upgrade that you later pick up or is there really no map except for the first 2 areas?
without map backtracking would surely become a pain :-(


Oversight on my part with the last update! Maps were programmed in but I forgot to actually connect them past the first two areas, should be fixed now in the latest download version.

lol :-D


well, doesnt really matter for me anymore as I am probably at the final boss
(at the core warp point)
wont go further for the time as i want all the stuff.
got all the collectables, currently grinding to get the few second-shop upgrades.

sure takes a lot of grinding though to get 9999+ coins together.

any good grinding spots?
I think the area up to the core and the star tunnels are the most profitable, aren't they?

still missing the last 3 items, hoping that they are the ones from the store

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nonehteless, if I download the current update or build, wont my save files disappear?

where does itch even actually save stuff?

cause there is only a single .exe file in the folder O_o

The save files are stored at a different place than game files, you can update safely.