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I really love this game. It's one of my favorite indie platforms on I only wish there was a level editor or more levels.

I recently upgraded from Linux Mint 18.3 to Ubuntu 19.10 and the game wouldn't work. The linux version is compiled against the 32-bit version of the libssl package, which isn't supported in modern Ubuntu-based distributions.

You can get libcrypto-1.0.0 and libssl.1.0.0 from here. Open the file as an archive and extract the two files to /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ and the game will run.

It would be great to see an updated 64-bit Linux version of the game though

Thanks for the praise, and thanks for bringing my attention to the fact that the Linux build is getting outdated. Sadly, I'm really busy  at the moment so it could take a while before I can properly fix this. I've updated the install instructions to warn users for this issue. Thanks for reporting!

Sorry for the delay, but I've finally gotten around to make a 64-bits build! I hope it works for you 😁

Thanks a lot! I still wasn't able to get the game to run on 64 or 32 bit, but it's working a bit better. The game launches now, but it  crashes immediately. I guess I can play the browser verison.