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I can't wait to see this level editor. Mobility is an unique amazing game, but I finished a long time ago. It's my second fav GameMaker platformer after Pizza Tower.

Amazing art style as usual.

Great little demo. It ran fine through wine on my Manjaro Linux box. My only complaints are the unavoidable death situations. Let me know if you would like some help building a Linux binary.

Looks great. I would love to play it on my RG351p handheld, but I can't find a png cart anywhere.

Looks great. I would like to play it on my RG351p handheld but I cant find the png cart anywhere.

Looks great and eager for an English translation. Also, would love a Linux version so I can try porting it to the RG351p retro handheld.

I've never tested on Mac or received feedback from Mac users. The game is written in Python using the pygame framework. The engine is my own. It should run at a constant 30fps with minimal CPU and GPU usage and never drop below 30fps. There can be a slight variance because of the inaccuracy of timers in Windows, and your problem can be similar on Mac. There is an option to change from the fast clock to an accurate clock. This might fix your problem.

Just ran into this game. Great presentation but the slow movement physics take a while to get used to. Appreciation grows the more you play though, because it makes you watch and think ahead. This gameplay quirk and the abstract graphics make it stand out from your average amateur shooter.

I recommended this game to a friend who lacks access to a PC at home. He mostly uses a PS4 and an iPad for entertainment.

How hard would it be to add touch controls to the web version, or perhaps controller support?

Also, since you clearly lost interest in developing this project further, have you considered releasing the project files so that new levels could be created? I'm not a GameMaker user (working in pygame and experimenting with Godot), but maybe someone else who else who likes the game might make additions.

I recently found this while search for GBA games for a mobile retro build. I love the idea of Meat Boy on my portable, and the game plays great, but the character can be hard to see near brown backgrounds common at the beginning of the game. Any chance you can modify the character palette?

Can hardly believe you made this in 48 hours. It's amazing what you do with pygame in such a short time. I especially love all the particle effects. Makes me wonder why I was so frugal in all of my projects.

Any plans to enhance it? At least add a full screen or mouse grab feature so non-programmers can play without accidentally clicking outside of the window and losing focus.

I really love this game. It's one of my favorite indie platforms on I only wish there was a level editor or more levels.

I recently upgraded from Linux Mint 18.3 to Ubuntu 19.10 and the game wouldn't work. The linux version is compiled against the 32-bit version of the libssl package, which isn't supported in modern Ubuntu-based distributions.

You can get libcrypto-1.0.0 and libssl.1.0.0 from here. Open the file as an archive and extract the two files to /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ and the game will run.

It would be great to see an updated 64-bit Linux version of the game though

Another great fun platformer starring a very square character, just as good as my other favorite squares: Super Meat Boy and Mobility. The jump drinks and reversible gravity are a great combo and their explanations are the perfect sort of quirky nonsense.

I've only played the first five or so levels so I can't comment on length or replayability, but so far the difficulty progression is spot on for this old school platform fan with middling skills (been playing platformers since I met Mario in 1985 @ 5yo, then started making my own such as Flyboy).

Unfortunately I need to report a bug effecting keyboard controls on Linux Mint 18.3. Whenever I press any arrow key, whether in the menu or in the game, it just keeps going in that direction forever. This makes it impossible to use the menu or play the game unless I sync my Dual Shock 4. I prefer to use the keyboard for short game excursions