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I recommended this game to a friend who lacks access to a PC at home. He mostly uses a PS4 and an iPad for entertainment.

How hard would it be to add touch controls to the web version, or perhaps controller support?

Also, since you clearly lost interest in developing this project further, have you considered releasing the project files so that new levels could be created? I'm not a GameMaker user (working in pygame and experimenting with Godot), but maybe someone else who else who likes the game might make additions.

Touch control sounds like a good suggestion that would make the game more accessible. I'll look into it!

I've thought about revealing the source code, but the main problem is that you'd need to own Game Maker and deal with my spaghetti code. So I'd rather do a sequel with a proper level editor instead (featuring a user-friendly interface, and support for easily sharing levels). But I'm not really sure if & when that will happen, my other projects have priority at the moment. Sorry!