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How can get further episodes? I'm infatuated with Ashley. And after Cumming in her mouth, I wanna know if the Main Character can get to fuck her? And Emily is just too cute. Will there be more action with her and Samantha?

Depends on how far you've played. If its Ep3, you can get Ep4 by waiting a bit or by becoming a 10$+ patron. As for Ep5 it's still in development and has suffered some delays.

So when is Ep4 releasing?

In a week. End of the month.

So episode 4 for both android and PC will be out at the end of this month?

Bro how did you get Ashley to give you a blow job? I wanna know what options you chose. I didn't see any oral sex in the entire game

During the Dining table scene, when Emily asks about Ashley, tell her the truth. Ashley will confront you in the next morning. That's where there is an option to cum in her mouth.