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Hey, it seems that the developer isn't much active on this site. Still I shall post my question. I downloaded the game just yesterday and completed all the storylines i.e. Mercy, Tracer and Sombra. How do I unlock the others, Bridgette and Mei and if some others are there too?

I was able to install this one. Thanks. But is it the latest version of the app?

When will the next version be released?

I can't install the new version on Android. Each time I try it says "App not installed"

I downloaded the game, but can't install it

My phone is Oppo Reno, with 8 GB RAM, Android version 9. The first time I encountered the problem, it stuck on the said screen (Saka's beauty training). Some buttons were visible, but not functioning. Only the Menu option was accessible when I double tapped the screen. I saved the game, closed it and restarted it. When I load it, the game didn't respond. So I had to restart the story, once again. Then again I encountered the same problem.

I don't think my phone has to do anything with the problem. Cuz I can run so many games without a single lag.

Hey, fidless. The problem I'm encountering is that, after a few days into the game, (After the deflowering scene of Yura and Saka), If I try to train the girls, the game freezes. Anything That I do, can't help to start the game. Even the save game becomes same. It's just stuck. I had to restart the story several times. But each time the same problem.

And I'm the one that posted on Reddit.

the game crashed just after the first scene

After week 60, Rowan is killed. Did I miss something?

Tried everything. Nothing works.

How do I find these missing scenes?

I played several times, yet I can't figure out how to get Iris. And can a romantic relationship be started with Susan, without the Discreet storyline?

During the Dining table scene, when Emily asks about Ashley, tell her the truth. Ashley will confront you in the next morning. That's where there is an option to cum in her mouth.

The game froze. Can't go further than this screen

Im stuck here. Nothing happens. No tapping. I even restarted the game. But still stuck

The Android version has problems. It works like a PC game. And doesn't has a back button. Could you look into the matter?

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You can also use your computer. Type "truestory" in the code input area. You can also unlock a Succubus character, Voilet, by typing "spinningtv"

Hey, Guys, I played Harem Hotel, Sisterly Lust, Halfway House, Mystic Manor and The Awakening. Is  there anymore good games like these?

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Hey, Guys, I played Harem Hotel, Sisterly Lust, Halfway House, Mystic Manor and The Awakening. Is  there anymore good games like these?

Note : Remove this comment if in violation.

Harem Hotel is amazing.

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Sorry Guys. Need help again. Esther's "Where Should I go?" And how to unlock Dahlia?

Fanora "I'm hungry at night" . What to do there. I tried going to restaurant, but didn't work. Do I need to tell her to use the vibrator?

Lvl 19 with Velle

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and for Velle, I have to see where she is? And impress the other girl to use her vibe again. How do I do it? Is there a walkthrough? I went to the park. Can't find the man. And what does this slurpping sound. Can't find it.

Well I'm stuck. Can't find the man who spoke rude to Naira. And Don't know who can repair the binoculars!

Okay, so I think Kali'e exhibitionism was not high at that time. Can it be played later though? I'm on some 200 days or so

She will ask for it. After you and she get denied in a fancy restaurant

Well. Almost completed most main stories. And also the side stories. Only Lucia's remaining. How do I complete that one?

What is the sanctuary for?

IMO, Nina is the most gorgeous character. Even more than Bella, who I think Is the most beautiful in the Smith family. Nina has a Brazilian type look. I imagine her as Adriana Lima.

I entirely skipped the Iris part. Didbyou get The Yoga instructor with Nina at the end? 

Amazing Game! Love the graphics and animation. Too realistic. And very cute girls. Only thing is the game is too short currently. The plot didn't extend much. Hope the next parts come out soon.

Is it possible that the secondary characters too get pregnant when the family members are pregnant?

Thanks, Roy for the walkthrough. In my second play, I got to get a three. Except Rachel. I'll try to get her too.

So now I got very ahead in the game. I convinced Mia to do a scene in Library. I'm now kinda stuck. All the options I now have is go to gym, by a coffee. Study with Mia. How do I initiate date with Mia? I bought all the books, and flowers too.

So how to get all four? And which others?

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Wow! Finished the game. But I only got to love one of the sisters. (the hot one, middle sister). Is it possible to love all the 4 ladies? And It ended after a proposal. The wedding didn't take place? Is there more in store? And when shall it be released?

Thanks. There is now a Upload button. Thanks for the update. I would like to give you  feedback on the compatibility of Your new Game

So when is Ep4 releasing?