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In a week. End of the month.

Depends on how far you've played. If its Ep3, you can get Ep4 by waiting a bit or by becoming a 10$+ patron. As for Ep5 it's still in development and has suffered some delays.

Download and apply hotfix 4

Glad you liked it. As for ep4, Oooff. I slipped the Patreon deadline for it so it's coming out a week/week and a half into October sometime. Moving forward after that, I've extended dev time from 30 days to 45 days per episode. Can't sustain a 30 day dev cycle without major compromises.

As always, the public release will lag an episode behind the Patreon release, so ep4 will get a public release when ep5 is out for Patrons.  

Ep3 will get a free release both here and on Patreon tomorrow. Ep4 will come out for Patrons a week or two into October. And yeah this is my first game (tho I do contract work for an outsourcing house for my regular job. So you've prolly seen my work on some  "real" games unknowingly). 

You don't have to. I mean I would appreciate you becoming a Patron. Making this thing takes a lot of work but even without paying anything you still get each episode. Just one month later... officially. But as you no doubt know, unofficially ep3 can be found if you look. Even though I haven't released it yet for free.

Thanks for liking the game.

Sounds like you played ep3. Naughty boy.

Ha, ha. Just kidding. Glad you liked him.

Sure,  that kinda thing fits with one of the ladies...

On you first meeting where you argue with her: Do not apologize. 

This will let you go to her room to apologize later at night.

Clarify please. Are you trying to unlock as scene replay (if so what's the name of the scene)?

EP3 is out for Patrons, free version should be available when I release EP4 (Probably at the end of Sept) . And then so on and so forth with a free release each month.

??? The game is in development. I'll add new things as I got along. Linux support being one of them. If you are interested in the game (thanks) and insist on Linux: It's coming. If you're not interested in the game.... then I don't know what all this is about?

Sorry, not gonna release something I haven't even run once and then claim to support it. Now  that I know it will run I will support it. 

By not having access to Linux to test it on. Now that I got testers it's supported in the next version

Thanks, glad you liked it. 

Day 0 access is the 10$ tier. You get the game straight from me at that support level. But I'll tell you straight up, you don't need to if all you want is to get the game early. There are other ways out there to get the game almost as soon as I release it. Just not straight from me.

As for social media. I got a Twitter account but don't really use it. Just gonna post release announcement there. But I'll setup a Discord server for my Patrons when ep3 is done, so I'll probably be in there everyday once setup.

Yeah, this game is more on the "kinetic" side of the visual novel spectrum. You more or less stuck with following the flow of the story. What choices are there mostly only affects how the other characters react to you.

Glad you enjoyed it anyway.

Glad you enjoyed it. Ep3 coming late august for my Patrons. Will be available to everyone late september.

Hi, sorry to hear that. The only think I can think of is that I'm only supporting  arm64 devices (newer models). My app doesn't support armeabi devices (older models).

Well, I could but that would mean supporting another distro. Maybe if I get a lot of request?



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Officer Monroe loves you too.

Thanks for trying the game.

Sure, upload the edited script somewhere (pastebin or some such) and I'll take a look.


Glad you enjoyed it.