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??? The game is in development. I'll add new things as I got along. Linux support being one of them. If you are interested in the game (thanks) and insist on Linux: It's coming. If you're not interested in the game.... then I don't know what all this is about?

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Linux support already exists, the only reason nobody can use it is because you disabled it. Which is really annoying. Every other Ren'py game supports linux, but you disabled it for no reason.

What do you think you're testing? Is your game doing something special that nobody else is that somehow wouldn't work on Linux? Because if not you're just testing ren'py itself, not your game.

I *want* to play the game, but you've chosen to make it impossible for me. Your game already fully supports linux, but you choose not to release it.

First off...linux us garbage...secondly you have the WORST attitude i have ever seen for someone getting a free game...Ive never seen a level of entitlement like this in my life...