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Hello there...
It's November and since every good mystery, romance, fantastical VN with an interesting female character I've ever wanted to see release has either not EVER been released (cough cough... Queen's Crown... and waiting for Dark Dreams) I just wandered if you had any updates? I know it may seem a little too pushy, but... since I have exams I really hoped I could binge play this for two days and then abandon it for two months... then binge play and LOVE Sin and any of the two others I like (Hiryuu and Osamu... DUH).

I hope you all have a great day overall and that everyone is healthy and keeping up! Bye!


Damn I get that... Queen's crown was such a disappointment regarding the dev going MIA.... But if you need some good recommendations, I'll gladly share mine! 


Right?! Ugh... I was so down when I learned that, I looked everywhere possible to seek any information I might have missed.

Oh, thanks! Would you happen to know anything like the one's I've mentioned? I know they take a lot of work to make, but they're really amazing. And anything with a good plot and graphics, probably Romance, points system for skills and such, I'll take! 


Those are my favorite ones, some of then have a skill system, all of them are visual novels with romance, some of them are finished and some are a WIP:

 Ebon Light (has a skill system)

 When The Night Comes

 The Neptune Diaries


One Thousand And One Days

As We Know It (I think it has a skill system if I remember correctly)

Dark Nights

Cinderella Phenomenon ( I think it has a system as well)

The Lady's Choice 

This, My Soul

Monstrata Fracture

Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons

The Blind Griffin

Halloween Otome (skill system, mini games, point system)

Andromeda Six

The Spanish Privateer

Zodiac Axis

Aurore: Five Princes (day planning & skill systems)

Mnemonic Devices 

Anoldor (a demo is out- a bit similar to Queen's Crown)

Silent Voices

Royal Alchemist (day planning & skill systems)

Gilded Shadows (a demo is out, I think it has a skill system)

I know it's a lot, sorry! I hope you find something you like~ <3