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Right?! Ugh... I was so down when I learned that, I looked everywhere possible to seek any information I might have missed.

Oh, thanks! Would you happen to know anything like the one's I've mentioned? I know they take a lot of work to make, but they're really amazing. And anything with a good plot and graphics, probably Romance, points system for skills and such, I'll take! 


Those are my favorite ones, some of then have a skill system, all of them are visual novels with romance, some of them are finished and some are a WIP:

 Ebon Light (has a skill system)

 When The Night Comes

 The Neptune Diaries


One Thousand And One Days

As We Know It (I think it has a skill system if I remember correctly)

Dark Nights

Cinderella Phenomenon ( I think it has a system as well)

The Lady's Choice 

This, My Soul

Monstrata Fracture

Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons

The Blind Griffin

Halloween Otome (skill system, mini games, point system)

Andromeda Six

The Spanish Privateer

Zodiac Axis

Aurore: Five Princes (day planning & skill systems)

Mnemonic Devices 

Anoldor (a demo is out- a bit similar to Queen's Crown)

Silent Voices

Royal Alchemist (day planning & skill systems)

Gilded Shadows (a demo is out, I think it has a skill system)

I know it's a lot, sorry! I hope you find something you like~ <3