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I should have just bought the full game straight away T^T I think I messed up. Do I need to do Lagi and Hiryuu first?  I mean it IS the first act for a reason I suppose, I'm just supposed to study and wanted to do Sin's route already but oh well. I love it! Have been waiting for this for the past 2 years, thanks to the team!

The art was great and all, but it wasn't really my cup of tea, so to say. Would it be possible to get a refund? Sorry for the request, thanks for your hard job ^^

I was excited and I cried many times during the hour I played this one. But why did you have to make me see that TwT I'll save you, Vexx.

This was definitely action and emotion-packed. It gave me episode 3 vibes but times 10 and it was amazing. I will patiently wait for the rest, but also, I'm kind of impatient because well, cliffhanger.

I now know why I am somehow torn between June and Vexx... Lab rats. The trauma and their gentle core? Yup, I'm sold (also, very aesthetically pleasing, must I say, teehee).

I've been waiting for this for months, but coronavirus only made the wait much more apparent (the months that seemed like a couple of weeks before are now the opposite, but we are doing our best and this game is definitely there for our fragile hearts <3 I love it! Good job!)

Hey! Thanks for answering so quickly, "I hope this letter finds you in good health" haha.
Fun fact: I know all of those, the only problem that I have with Wilder (isn't it about a Djinn and other characters? I believe the Djinn is albino or something, they made a route for the guard, the big guy I think), is that you need to pay, so I'll probably wait for that. I already played Changeling I believe. Also, yes Zeikun, sorry if I miss-typed or something, haha. I was hoping for the release of  Reimei no Gakuen, because I really love the plot and the characters (the MC is so cute and has this eerie and mysterious vibe that surrounds her kyaaaaa *closest sound to my high pitched enthusiasm ). Also, I think I knew  most of your recommendations and found 3 or 4 new ones so thank you for that!

Yeah, I agree, it's the perfect time for video games and visual novels, haha!

Have a nice day and I hope you and your loved ones are healthy! 

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Hello! Thank you very much for all the recommendations! I know Silent Voices, Royal Alchemist (waiting for the release, so close!), Zodiac Axis (the plot is pretty refreshing and I like the art and the characters), Ebon Light, Dark Nights (downloaded it in November or so, full release, and so far so good. My favorite so far is Reikun). Then Cinderella Phenomenon was really cool! I played through all the routes, if I remember correctly. I was waiting for something else to be release when I realized they made This, My Soul (it was nice, but I still wish Queen's Crown was released...). I played through the demo of When The Night Comes and it was pretty good, so I might check the progress so far.

So far I like what you recommended! Also, I was quite busy, so sorry for the very late answer. I will make sure I check all of them out!
Have a nice day! And take care!

OH... MY... LORD...!!! AHHHHHH!!! I'm so happy right now! How could I have possibly missed something like this?! It was launched 25 days ago and I haven't downloaded it yet... Exams and travelling make me forget this things... dammit. I'll be diligent and keep working... but OMG! <3

Right?! Ugh... I was so down when I learned that, I looked everywhere possible to seek any information I might have missed.

Oh, thanks! Would you happen to know anything like the one's I've mentioned? I know they take a lot of work to make, but they're really amazing. And anything with a good plot and graphics, probably Romance, points system for skills and such, I'll take! 

Hello there...
It's November and since every good mystery, romance, fantastical VN with an interesting female character I've ever wanted to see release has either not EVER been released (cough cough... Queen's Crown... and waiting for Dark Dreams) I just wandered if you had any updates? I know it may seem a little too pushy, but... since I have exams I really hoped I could binge play this for two days and then abandon it for two months... then binge play and LOVE Sin and any of the two others I like (Hiryuu and Osamu... DUH).

I hope you all have a great day overall and that everyone is healthy and keeping up! Bye!

The game's cool, I just started playing it like 40 minutes ago. The thing is... Apparently I couldn't choose Paris route? Is it a glitch, did I  do something wrong, or is he the last route to play? Thanks! 

Anyone else decided that playing as a Shika (female) was definitely and interesting choice?