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Hello I don't know if this is because of the mod or just a general bug but when I ended the 9th day after completing Cali's questline from which after there should have been a sex scene but I think the Emily coming back dialog overwrited that scene or at least seemed like something was coming up but then Emily's dialog took it over or something  also the only thing happened in the end of the day is that Cali's Pliable trait changed to Devoted. (Cali's intimacy have been unlocked by consent but I didnt have sex with her and the scene wouldnt triger neither after ther 25th day or if I actually have sex with her).

That sounds like a game bug. Does anyone who remembers the scenes remember the number to reset the ending so he can set it back to trigger that? I can look when I’m around my PC next

This may be a new bug since, the quest overlap bug should have been resolved in v0.5.25. Adding {"code":"caliproposal","duration":1} to upcoming events in the save file will restart the Cali scene.

It didn't work I don't know what could be the problem. I checked the save I made before I ended the day and there was the {"code":"caliproposal","duration":1} . I tried to added back in my next day save file but still didnt work (I had to add some extra to the starting maid sex event so it doesnt overlap but it did delay that event but the cali event didnt come up) and I even tried to delay emily's  event but evn though it delayed it the Cali event still didn't trigger. On a side note I noticed that there was the caliparentsdie event still there even though I completed the quest, though when I deleted it didnt make a difference.

PS: So I was wondering does Cali's event really matter or it just for the CG which will be stored in the gallery?

Okay I think I found the problem for some reason it seems to think that I had sex with Cali, so now I have to change it in the code. also on a side-note at Cali's 'dailyevents' section it writes "incestconsentchecked" over 25 times (I didnt count it all) is that normally?

PS: Before anyone says anyhting about that I just forget that I had sex Cali, I am 100% sure I didnt since I knew about the evnt plus I woulkd never ask her consent about fucking family yet it says that I asked her about it so I am sure that something must have happened.

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Yeah, the multiple checks is something I've been meaning to patch. It should hurt anything and clears automatically each night, but its checking each person update (when talked, selected, combat, etc) and I forgot to add the block to only have it add one. I might suggest removing it, hopping in, saving, then manually readding the event? Maybe that'll trigger it?

Edit: Fixed the IncestConsentChecked in v.9

The event is not functionally important to the game and can be considered mostly a storyline end-cap.  The caliparentsdie event is never cleaned up, thus always occurs regardless of the quest. However, this only matters if the quest is not completed before that event occurs.

If you have the save before the end of the day where the problem occurred, then the simplest fix is to change the durations for events. Though durations do not update the way one may expect, so events that appear like they would execute on separate days can occur on the same day. 

If it did nothing when the event was triggered, then one of the conditions was not met. The conditions are that you must have a slave with a unique identifier of 'Cali', that slave must be a virgin("vagvirgin") with loyalty greater than 50, and this event cannot trigger more than once per progress(no idea why that is there). If the event already triggered the first screen but not the second, then you will need to delete "caliproposalseen" from the "decisions" array. If Cali is away the day of the event, then it is rescheduled for 2 days later.

So far, I have not been able to reproduce this problem on my computer.