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Okay I think I found the problem for some reason it seems to think that I had sex with Cali, so now I have to change it in the code. also on a side-note at Cali's 'dailyevents' section it writes "incestconsentchecked" over 25 times (I didnt count it all) is that normally?

PS: Before anyone says anyhting about that I just forget that I had sex Cali, I am 100% sure I didnt since I knew about the evnt plus I woulkd never ask her consent about fucking family yet it says that I asked her about it so I am sure that something must have happened.

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Yeah, the multiple checks is something I've been meaning to patch. It should hurt anything and clears automatically each night, but its checking each person update (when talked, selected, combat, etc) and I forgot to add the block to only have it add one. I might suggest removing it, hopping in, saving, then manually readding the event? Maybe that'll trigger it?

Edit: Fixed the IncestConsentChecked in v.9