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Hello there, firstly congrats on this awesome game! Secondly, I might have missed this but where are the steam keys for early adopters on itch? 

Thanks, looking forward to seeing where the game goes!

If you purchased the game, you can request a key from your download page. If it's not there, contact us directly and we'll sort it out.

I was asking me for the same. If you know how to request the Steam Key, please, share your Knowledge. :) 

(See: )


Quick question. May I trade in my unused Steam-Key, for a GoG-Key when the game gets released on that platfrom? If not. No worries, I'll happily buy it again.

On a side note. Will the game have more Character creation options at full release? Such as female/male body types, we can already change the faces, why not body too?


That's a long ways away, but if you contact us again when we're on GoG we may be able to help.
Changing body types, pronouns, attraction - we'll probably do at least some of this.

Thanks for the link. It's Done :)