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"Probably gonna fight them naked too. I'm not sure."

Lol, like can you be anymore toxic? I understand that you have the right to express yourself online but it sounded like you were just trying to find any reason to complain about the story instead of trying to at least understand MC's character, her circumstances and her background. I really hate to participate in comment wars like that but I just couldn't help myself and needed to speak up. The tone of your comments and your complaints sounded super toxic and full of prejudice. The most ridiculous part of your comment was when you were trying to find a scientific explanation of MC's ability, "activated by "love"".  X)) Like, are you for real?!))) Do you realize that the story is happening in a fantasy world where most of the things can't be explained so easily and sometimes don't have any explanation at all? Next time you write a comment, please, try not to humiliate yourself.


Every world has rules, a world that sets up it's rules and then just breaks them itself isn't worth the time or effort to read about. There are anomalies, there are things we can't explain, but they do always have explanations. Even in worlds where magic is wildly used, there are always explanations and limits to the powers. This world has spent the time trying to scientifically explain the Atlids and how they interact with the world. Even the history lessons pertained to the science and rules of the world the MC is living in. If you are trying to scientifically explain the abilities of a group of people, even despite how special the MC supposedly is, you can't just disregard the rules of the world without explanation. If they plan to add an explanation as to how the love thing fits into the science of their world, I would completely support it. But it doesn't as is. If they want to be like "we don't know how the ability works" fine. A "we don't fully understand the nature of this ability" is totally acceptable. But "It only works if you love someone and we know that somehow because on of the other- roughly 5 of you- somehow confirmed this." really just doesn't work for me. I love that they want to make an interesting story, the world is fascinating, the art is pretty, Idk how into the story I'll be. It has the potential to make me incredibly uncomfortable and I won't lie, I skipped through the stripping scene because that's just no my style. BUT I am very interested in the world and want to play the game to understand it.

My snark is mostly just a way to point out how ridiculous some of this stuff is. When they do weird stuff with no connection or explanation, things that are unnecessary and have no ties to the plot or story line, honestly it's just annoying. When a writer dives into wordy junk for no benefit. You can disagree that some of this stuff is unnecessary, but there seems, to me, to be a lot of things that don't benefit the story at all. If they were meant to have some impact, they're doing it wrong, that's important. So things like the strip thing, that makes sense, it could've been done differently but it has it's purpose, to show how far these people would go in order to use her. So I'm not complaining about it but I will definitely take a snipe because it's a little extreme and I think it's funny. With the tone of the rest, I can see how it'd be negative, definitely. It was honestly just a joke(ill-intended as it may have been). However the love thing, it serves no real purpose. It doesn't fit, it takes away from the plot as it doesn't follow the current rules of the world as they've set up so far. If they can't come up with a way to explain it into the world they're building it's just kinda there. For no reason. Not fitting.

You can argue that's why they're pretending to be interested in her. The reality is, they don't NEED a reason beyond she has an ability they could take advantage of. It's easier to catch flies with honey. It's easier to convince her she loves them and would do anything for them. Love doesn't HAVE to be part of her ability for that to be the most desirable and smartest course of action. They're already manipulative enough to want to use her if it IS a requirement, and if it isn't then you give yourself so much more room to work if you take out the requirement. So while Victor doesn't think he can convince her to love him anymore because she saw all the bugs, there are other ways for him to gain her cooperation as long as she stays. He can still try to manipulate her by gaining her trust. The other guys can still try to seduce her AND also try to get her cooperation through other means. Scaring her, tricking her, pretending to be her friend. It's honestly a thousand times better, even for the plot if it's not a thing.

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"Every world has rules, a world that sets up it's rules and then just breaks them itself isn't worth the time or effort to read about."

So you decided to scientifically explain the the rules of Degraman's world from the demo which is 5 chapters long? =) Wow, nice approach) Many things in the world where we actually live still don't have  an explanation - like we still don't know whether God exists and if we came from monkeys or Adam and Eve. Yet you still try to explain the rules of a fantasy world from the demo?)

"If they plan to add an explanation as to how the love thing fits into the science of their world, I would completely support it."

That is just how the things work in that world between quansies. They are unusual creatures with super-powers so their romantic relationships might have their own unusual rules.  Why does it need some scientific explanation if many things in the real world can't be explained by science? 

"My snark is mostly just a way to point out how ridiculous some of this stuff is. When they do weird stuff with no connection or explanation, things that are unnecessary and have no ties to the plot or story line, honestly it's just annoying. "

I think that in fact it was you who couldn't understand the "connection" :) If you weren't so preconceived and narrow-minded,  you would see that most of the things made sense.

And you know what's really ridiculous? How hypocritical you are: writing that you wish all the best for this project and that you're glad that the creators aren't discouraged, yet trying every possible way to offend their game and to discourage them.

If you're trying to sound smart, at least try not to contradict yourself.


Good thing I never asked for you opinion. If you want to praise the game, do so. It has some very interesting aspects. I just sat through 5 minutes of explanation on how quansies are a thing, how they interact with the world, how they interact with history, how they interact with one another and Atlids to have it thrown out the window in favour of the all consuming magic that is true love's kiss. So yeah, I'm trying to examine the world as it has so far been presented to me. I'm not into games for the shallow love plots or how many characters I can get undressed. I like to explore and discover and experience the fantasy worlds. Fantasy worlds are still bound by laws of that reality, otherwise there are no consequences and no stakes. If you're going to start springing ridiculous nonsense on the reader, nothing in the story will get taken seriously. We won't be invested in the characters or concerned about the choices because they don't matter, all consequences can be magicked away. If that's your thing, fine, it's not mine, so I mentioned it.

You're opinion is entirely irrelevant to me, but thanks for commenting, I guess? If you have issues with the things I'm saying, really, just maybe don't read it. It's not for you, it doesn't pertain to you, and the devs have already responded. It seems resolved to me. They responded positively, and sure maybe it's just to save face or how ever you want to justify it but it's kinda between them and I, right? Though I do appreciate your digital white knighting, it's good that people are ready to defend them. I'm also sure they appreciate it and once again really not necessary, since I'm 100% willing to talk it out with them in a softer tone if they are interested in my opinions any further.  Not seeing the connection is relevant to the creation because either the connection isn't clear enough or I really see how you're drawing these connections. It just seems like a stretch to me for whatever reason (and you can continue to attack my intelligence, I'm not trying to do anything but give feedback about my personal experience) I'm not trying to draw a connection that isn't there just so I can like the story. I want to try and figure it all out, I want to know what's happening before it happens and be able to have theories about what's what and why, because that is how I play games. Maybe it's not your style to question everything, that's fine. Maybe you just want a storyless fluff piece, that's ok too. It's not what I want, I want something that makes me think and wonder.

If the devs don't want to make that sort of game, they don't have to. They won't be able to please everyone, it's just reality. If I end up being disappointed, then I do, but I'm interested in the game and I want to like it, so I gave them the issues that would make me dislike the game. It's not up to you to decide how I post my thoughts. If they have an issue with it, they can contact me. It's not for you. I have no problem apologizing to people directly involved, you are not. Unless you are. Are you a writer? Are you participating in the creation of this game and is your function relevant to the information I've provided? If not, then... Don't read my rant? No one asked you to come be offended for someone else. 

If your concern is that they will change something you personally do not want changed, leave your own comment about the things you did like that contradict my own opinions and let them decide. You liking the story doesn't change that there are aspects that just don't fit the world building they've done that don't have a big enough impact on the plot to be necessary. If they don't care about it, then they don't and I just won't play it. You're making a huge deal about it because it was worded in a way you didn't like, even though you have no part in it. If the issue is that I'm just too stupid, why waste the time responding when it's so obvious that the connection is just there and the science is so sound that no one should have to second guess? If you're so desperate to have some weird true-love plot to satisfy your fantasies, maybe just say that instead of trying to justify it with some mystical garbage that doesn't fit with the establish rules thus far mentioned in the story. That's a valid thing, I'm speaking to my own preference. I'd rather it make sense as opposed to forcing a romantic connection between two pixel-people. I prefer the relationships in games to come together in a natural way. Not "you have to fall in love with us for it to work." and now it's on her mind and still doesn't make any sense, yay super powers. Opinion, surprise, people have those. They aren't all the same. They might conflict with yours, it's what makes people great and interesting. If you can't handle conflicting ones, stay off the internet.