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Thank you for the update. I hope you find the time to work on it soon, it's an amazing story and I know many of us cannot wait to read more but it's important you take care of yourself. I'm glad you're not giving up on it! I will still be checking back regularly so I don't miss anything but I totally understand you needing to take some time, no pressure!

I'm really excited for the new updates and progress but I'm actually really sad about the new sprites. Aldrich was so cute and funny and it was great to see his cross-dressing, now he just looks really feminine to begin with and I feel it takes away from that whole scene. It's not surprising anymore that he can pull it off because he already has really feminine features, I guess. I suppose it's nice to have an art update but I'm just a bit disappointed in the direction. I've been waiting for this game for a long time with the art it had, I don't want to say that an art change is enough to make me lose interest but I'm definitely not looking forward to the new sprite unfortunately.

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Still enjoying the chapters, I sorta wish you could opt out of backstories. Choose to not go talk to cetain people and I kinda wish you didn't have to automatically be super buddy buddy with everyone too. 

That aside I'm interested still but I hope that the choices come back in to play at some point. Basically the traveller's race doesn't seem to be mentioned and all the choices seem to be essentially the same. They also don't appear to shape the character or story in any way. Basically there is a little alteration in the writing before it comes back to the same linear story line. Which is fine but a little disappointing, I suppose.

Plot seems a little obvious but so far I adore everything. The art and the writing is good. I'm excited to see the finished product and where it all goes.

My only complaint is that the only non-humans appear to be females? There are no human females and no alien males(aside from the MC potentially)? That seems... Weird to me, I'm not sure why this was the chosen approach. I'm all for creative freedoms but I wonder if there shouldn't have been SOME racial shuffling there post production. I'm not reading too much into it or anything so it's really a minor thing for me, sorta irksome but in all I like the game.

I'm simply hoping they can tie it into the world of the story they've built so far. Love doesn't amplify their powers, it activates her power which is to amplify the power of someone else. Who she must love. It just doesn't make sense. It isn't a boost, it is a REQUIREMENT. It would make more sense if it amplified her own ability to amplify powers, that is less... Final. Less absolute, I suppose. The need just isn't there. They can have plenty of personal drama without that requirement, is all I'm saying. Them trying to get her attention and win her affection so they can control her would provide the same drama, without it being a contradictory law that is at odds with the information they've already established. I'm sure they won't change it at all, tbh, I think enough people seem to overlook it and be more interested in their fan service that ultimately it won't matter enough to them. But I would require acknowledgement of how out of place it seems after all their scientific mumbo jumbo to have that be a requirement for her ability.

It was a paragraph in my complaint wall but it's become a big issue, it seems that I was annoyed by the fact that this is just out of place. That I would be annoyed after sitting through scientific explanations and history blurbs and be told that the number of others like the MC could be counted on one hand and then have them know that of the 5 others that have existed, they've all 1) survived long enough to fall in love with some one(Already the odds seem really stacked against you) 2) the people they fell in love with happened to also be quansies and 3) they were able to not only study but confirm that the key to the ability was something as obscure and intangible as love. To clarify, must this also be romantic love? Familial love doesn't count? What about platonic love, what is the definition of this thing that supposedly works? The plot, with this as a catalyst is just not sturdy. I understand why the devs added this, I just don't think it holds up. I don't think it's necessary, I don't see how it fits, I feel it takes away more than it adds. That's all, really. It doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense within the world presented with the rules that have currently been established.

If they were like "We are trying to understand all of this but we're not sure why this is the way it is." fine, but to have a science session in the middle just to toss it all aside and be like "Yep, for sure love makes this work."... Why? It's kinda... Silly? Even if they were like "we think, love makes this work and we don't know why. It doesn't make sense." that I could scoff at less. As it is, I needed to say something.

Good thing I never asked for you opinion. If you want to praise the game, do so. It has some very interesting aspects. I just sat through 5 minutes of explanation on how quansies are a thing, how they interact with the world, how they interact with history, how they interact with one another and Atlids to have it thrown out the window in favour of the all consuming magic that is true love's kiss. So yeah, I'm trying to examine the world as it has so far been presented to me. I'm not into games for the shallow love plots or how many characters I can get undressed. I like to explore and discover and experience the fantasy worlds. Fantasy worlds are still bound by laws of that reality, otherwise there are no consequences and no stakes. If you're going to start springing ridiculous nonsense on the reader, nothing in the story will get taken seriously. We won't be invested in the characters or concerned about the choices because they don't matter, all consequences can be magicked away. If that's your thing, fine, it's not mine, so I mentioned it.

You're opinion is entirely irrelevant to me, but thanks for commenting, I guess? If you have issues with the things I'm saying, really, just maybe don't read it. It's not for you, it doesn't pertain to you, and the devs have already responded. It seems resolved to me. They responded positively, and sure maybe it's just to save face or how ever you want to justify it but it's kinda between them and I, right? Though I do appreciate your digital white knighting, it's good that people are ready to defend them. I'm also sure they appreciate it and once again really not necessary, since I'm 100% willing to talk it out with them in a softer tone if they are interested in my opinions any further.  Not seeing the connection is relevant to the creation because either the connection isn't clear enough or I really see how you're drawing these connections. It just seems like a stretch to me for whatever reason (and you can continue to attack my intelligence, I'm not trying to do anything but give feedback about my personal experience) I'm not trying to draw a connection that isn't there just so I can like the story. I want to try and figure it all out, I want to know what's happening before it happens and be able to have theories about what's what and why, because that is how I play games. Maybe it's not your style to question everything, that's fine. Maybe you just want a storyless fluff piece, that's ok too. It's not what I want, I want something that makes me think and wonder.

If the devs don't want to make that sort of game, they don't have to. They won't be able to please everyone, it's just reality. If I end up being disappointed, then I do, but I'm interested in the game and I want to like it, so I gave them the issues that would make me dislike the game. It's not up to you to decide how I post my thoughts. If they have an issue with it, they can contact me. It's not for you. I have no problem apologizing to people directly involved, you are not. Unless you are. Are you a writer? Are you participating in the creation of this game and is your function relevant to the information I've provided? If not, then... Don't read my rant? No one asked you to come be offended for someone else. 

If your concern is that they will change something you personally do not want changed, leave your own comment about the things you did like that contradict my own opinions and let them decide. You liking the story doesn't change that there are aspects that just don't fit the world building they've done that don't have a big enough impact on the plot to be necessary. If they don't care about it, then they don't and I just won't play it. You're making a huge deal about it because it was worded in a way you didn't like, even though you have no part in it. If the issue is that I'm just too stupid, why waste the time responding when it's so obvious that the connection is just there and the science is so sound that no one should have to second guess? If you're so desperate to have some weird true-love plot to satisfy your fantasies, maybe just say that instead of trying to justify it with some mystical garbage that doesn't fit with the establish rules thus far mentioned in the story. That's a valid thing, I'm speaking to my own preference. I'd rather it make sense as opposed to forcing a romantic connection between two pixel-people. I prefer the relationships in games to come together in a natural way. Not "you have to fall in love with us for it to work." and now it's on her mind and still doesn't make any sense, yay super powers. Opinion, surprise, people have those. They aren't all the same. They might conflict with yours, it's what makes people great and interesting. If you can't handle conflicting ones, stay off the internet.

I'm quite fine with your criticism, I'm not sure what response you're expecting. I'm not arguing, I'm mean. I've known, I've accepted. This is a moot point. I honestly don't mind if they take it negatively, I would honestly just try to make sure that they knew that I do want to support their work. I don't want them to be discouraged. I've had devs respond with attitude, it's fine. And I don't think anon responses are a good idea considering how mean I can be. I want them to be able to know who I am so they can talk to me if it's an issue. I can be nicer if they can't handle my meanness, it's just not a first response. If they respond kindly, I always have nice things to say in return and I seriously appreciate them taking the time to respond kindly because it shows me how much they are invested in bettering their game and writing. This behavior is normal for me. Maybe not you, maybe not others. Quite honestly, if you don't like it, we don't have to get a long. 

Sure, well it's there anyways. =] You read the first wall and decided to reply but now you're too good for me agreeing with you. God forbid.

Every world has rules, a world that sets up it's rules and then just breaks them itself isn't worth the time or effort to read about. There are anomalies, there are things we can't explain, but they do always have explanations. Even in worlds where magic is wildly used, there are always explanations and limits to the powers. This world has spent the time trying to scientifically explain the Atlids and how they interact with the world. Even the history lessons pertained to the science and rules of the world the MC is living in. If you are trying to scientifically explain the abilities of a group of people, even despite how special the MC supposedly is, you can't just disregard the rules of the world without explanation. If they plan to add an explanation as to how the love thing fits into the science of their world, I would completely support it. But it doesn't as is. If they want to be like "we don't know how the ability works" fine. A "we don't fully understand the nature of this ability" is totally acceptable. But "It only works if you love someone and we know that somehow because on of the other- roughly 5 of you- somehow confirmed this." really just doesn't work for me. I love that they want to make an interesting story, the world is fascinating, the art is pretty, Idk how into the story I'll be. It has the potential to make me incredibly uncomfortable and I won't lie, I skipped through the stripping scene because that's just no my style. BUT I am very interested in the world and want to play the game to understand it.

My snark is mostly just a way to point out how ridiculous some of this stuff is. When they do weird stuff with no connection or explanation, things that are unnecessary and have no ties to the plot or story line, honestly it's just annoying. When a writer dives into wordy junk for no benefit. You can disagree that some of this stuff is unnecessary, but there seems, to me, to be a lot of things that don't benefit the story at all. If they were meant to have some impact, they're doing it wrong, that's important. So things like the strip thing, that makes sense, it could've been done differently but it has it's purpose, to show how far these people would go in order to use her. So I'm not complaining about it but I will definitely take a snipe because it's a little extreme and I think it's funny. With the tone of the rest, I can see how it'd be negative, definitely. It was honestly just a joke(ill-intended as it may have been). However the love thing, it serves no real purpose. It doesn't fit, it takes away from the plot as it doesn't follow the current rules of the world as they've set up so far. If they can't come up with a way to explain it into the world they're building it's just kinda there. For no reason. Not fitting.

You can argue that's why they're pretending to be interested in her. The reality is, they don't NEED a reason beyond she has an ability they could take advantage of. It's easier to catch flies with honey. It's easier to convince her she loves them and would do anything for them. Love doesn't HAVE to be part of her ability for that to be the most desirable and smartest course of action. They're already manipulative enough to want to use her if it IS a requirement, and if it isn't then you give yourself so much more room to work if you take out the requirement. So while Victor doesn't think he can convince her to love him anymore because she saw all the bugs, there are other ways for him to gain her cooperation as long as she stays. He can still try to manipulate her by gaining her trust. The other guys can still try to seduce her AND also try to get her cooperation through other means. Scaring her, tricking her, pretending to be her friend. It's honestly a thousand times better, even for the plot if it's not a thing.

Definitely, I'm so glad. I can't wait for more from you. =3

I'm not sorry for who I am, no. Sucks that you don't like it, you went out of your way to read my comment and be offended. I am my worst critic. Absolutely no one is telling me anything I've not said to myself. You can all be nice about your critiques, I'm going to be me, it's probably meaner than it needs to be, maybe it will change, maybe it won't.

Indeed. Which seems weirder still when she is suddenly like "oml they're all so right." out of no where. You do have options not to humour their advances, but she still seems to randomly ogle them even if you choose to shut them down. It all seems weird to me, like it really just doesn't flow and the main character goes back and forth ALOT, in the absence of options, perhaps. Which I AM hoping that this is something that does get fixed when more options are added, but it is something that really needs to change for the sake of character consistency.

As I've said before, the love trope just isn't necessary. They have these characters attempting to justify and explain the science of this world which is what I love so much about the world building they've done(confusing plot aside). The world seems cool and they're implementing interesting rules for their world in which I do not believe an ability activated by "love" just doesn't seem to fit. They could be wrong, there is obviously a lot they don't know, yes and yet that seems to me like all the more reason that them knowing something so obscure as "love is the key to this ability" seems so out of place. The ability itself just doesn't really seem to NEED that. A fear response even would honestly work better or something at least a little more tangible, maybe not even a choice at all where the ability responds on it's own. The fact that only one person can benefit from the ability SHOULD be enough for them to want to get her attention, not necessary "love" but proximity and an attempt to win her affection so she will either CHOOSE to spend more time with them and help them or they will benefit by mere proximity and familiarity. I don't see how it would be possible to really gauge love especially in a life or death situation where it would matter. Harming and starving and so on would work no matter what, if I were honest. They can hold her captive and torture her and hope she developed Stockholm syndrome if they were really going to go all out. It's simply too hard a thing to keep track of, people experience things much too differently even for this to work out. It just doesn't fit for me.

And I absolutely agree that she would probably definitely be swayed by the comment. But she monologues it with such finality, as if she has some reason to believe anything the dude that kidnapped her says. "He's right." Not "He may be right.", "he's probably right.", "Is that true?". It's "Vincent is mean, but he's honest." That seems like the biggest fricken leap. He's done nothing but say hurtful things on purpose, regardless of their relevance or accuracy, so the massive jump to "He's right. Vincent is mean but he's honest." is jarring. She could at least have some doubt, no the guys don't have a genuine interest in her, but that doesn't mean he is right or honest. Her abilities are entirely foreign to her, so taking his revelation as truth and honesty just because some dudes she doesn't know are stripping in front of her doesn't seem like something she'd be doing if you've previously played a skeptical MC especially. And that she sees him as honest and not trying to throw the others under the bus to win her favour with a different, equally deceptive tactic is just a little frustrating. WHY would she trust him at all?

Falling in love in warzones is not the same as needing a chemical response to do something specific in the heat of a moment. I've already mentioned that. The needing to be in love thing is annoying and not necessary for the plot at all. If they want to add it, it only takes away from the plot in my opinion. They can fight over and be desperate for her attention in an attempt to use her for her abilities without this unnecessary layer. It seems like a huge stretch and sure if you think that it works that's your opinion which I personally didn't ask for, maybe they want to know, but I don't and your comment on MY comment isn't warranted. BUT thank you for sharing anyway. I apologize if my self expression and opinion offended you. That doesn't change my opinion unfortunately.

"They might not like her" AND "He's totally right" are two very different ideas. I absolutely think she'd definitely have doubts that they would like her, but that doesn't mean that everyone who talks to her is right and honest because they feed into her suspicions. Which is where it gets really tricky and confusing. Because she monologues it all as "he told me something I don't understand and have 0 evidence for so he must be super right and honest despite the fact that someone is obviously lying. And yes, definitely snarky, because that's how I am. If I'm toxic, you'll just have to deal with it, I never denied, in fact I already said I was and apologized. Does that mean it will change, no, absolutely not. But thank you anyway for your response.

I really am wishing the best for it, and hopefully there is a difference, I generally only post comments when I think the project is worth it. I DO know I'm probably harsh and probably come off mean so I'm really glad that you aren't discouraged. I do plan to keep an eye on this project too, so I have my fingers crossed that you guys are able to deliver. =]

Best game ever, can't even think of anything to complain about in light of how much I love it. I'm so happy it's finally here, well worth the wait. I may or may not have cried tears of joy every day since it was fully released. ♥♥

The lore and stuff seemed really cool, the art is really nice but the story is... Honestly I don't even have the words. Maybe I could find interest if the MC wasn't so annoying and it wasn't so terribly written? Like the wording and all is good, the potential is there but it's impossibly boring and constantly makes 0 sense.

The MC is always agreeing with everyone, even when they're contradicting each other. Victor is making so much sense, even though she thought the same about Vincent like 10 min ago and they were wanting completely opposite things to happen. Does she not have a mind of her own? I get being indecisive, trust me but this has really just been frustrating. I read in other comments that you plan to add more options, but it just doesn't seem fixable how much thought text there is and all the while she still seems impossibly thoughtless. Like she thinks herself in circles and never seems to get anywhere beyond "EVERYONE IS SO RIGHT!!"

And HOW would she even know if Vincent is right that without her ability to amplify powers, none of them would even look at her? She doesn't know any of them and since meeting her they've all thrown themselves at her, so how can she know the dude is right? How can she come to the conclusion that he's honest? She has no proof of her own abilities, so why is she like "OH random angry dude has been nothing but mean to me but he's mad so he must be telling the truth and be so right!" Nah, man. 

Also they're so ridiculously inappropriate with her, like all of them, shamelessly so that the fact she could not suspect SOMETHING is going on, falling for it, and still tryna be like the typical, clueless, innocent anime MC who is totally oblivious to everyone's advances really just doesn't work out. It makes no sense. NO SENSE. You have to decide whether she's open to this whole everyone coming onto her and knows they're coming on to her OR is she totally clueless and shy? Because she seems to go back and forth and I think I have whiplash.

THEN, the whole storming off without thinking only to be convinced it was stupid even though she has already been told ex-machina thing is like... Ugh. There is an actual choice near the beginning for her to decide she's staying there because "I'm in danger" so there is no way she storms off and then is surprised later when Vincent tells her that she could die. Like... Yes, they said that only 50 times, I get you're confused but you don't SUDDENLY start caring that your life is in danger because the mean dude followed you and continued to be as mean as when he initially caused you to run away. Maybe a different catalyst is needed in that situation because "my feelings are hurt after enduring two days of Vincent's insults" is kinda a really shaky plot device at this point.

Which leads me to otome trope/plot device cliche #1: She has to be in love with dude to amplify his abilities. That's like... So not even necessary. I can see them vying for her attention for the mere fact she can only amplify one person at a time. How the heck does her ability even tell she's in love with someone? That's some serious Disney princess insanity, right there. Like the characters try to give these scientific explanations but lo and behold the MAGIC OF TRUE LOVE! Seems like it really doesn't fit, it's just there to try and push a romantic plot, which... seems super unnecessary, they can try to use her without the magical love thing in fine print there at the bottom and on top of that.. How do they even KNOW THAT? Vincent says there have only been a handful like her, how do you scientifically explain an ability activated by "love". I mean if we're talking endorphins here, I'ma go out on a limb here and say that I don't think it matters much how much you love someone, if you're fighting for your life against some time altering monster thing... I don't think your brain is going to be producing much dopamine or any other hormones relevant to love and affection, but I'm not a neurologist so who knows.

I get this is a demo, but it needs a lot of work, Imo. I mean there's some potential but for the most part, I don't really expect to be wowed. But the art is really well done. Super polished, the lore seems super interesting but beyond a shallow smut oriented story line, I'm not entirely sure what the actual story is supposed to be about. They're going to fight some Atlids! To what end, I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure that's what's happening. Probably gonna fight them naked too. I'm not sure.

Me too, but I liked the writing and your other stories, so I'm still looking forward to the next one.

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This was a huge disappointment. I love the concept, the art, the characters... But I waited so long for this and it ended up being mostly boring filler, it was like a run on sentence and then it just seemed to end so abruptly. There was just so little actual story, most of the time was spent fleshing out what ever characters you ran into all in between the same boring daily work text. You get little blurbs with random characters which was all nice but like... The plot got so little attention, it was all hearsay, the character wasn't really involved and then when the story finally seems to be beginning, it just... Ends? It was unfortunately boring and not worth 20$, imo.

So the story is interesting, I think? If I understand the premise correctly. The art is great, it's a good start but it's really hard to keep reading. The wording is awkward, the writing is kinda... Not great. It's really formal everything is very wordy and hard to follow.I'm assuming the writer's first language is not English, which is all well and good but it needs to be edited better. It's distracting and I have to reread everything several times, it's like a word scramble where all the words are in a very strange order. The MC keeps saying things like "I have ..." when they are mentioning their actions, "I have tightened my grip on my bag"... Maybe it's just because I over think things, it seems to be a mystery type story which means the wording would be SUPER important and worded that way is like... Hinting at something but it's not, it's just bad writing so it's like... Hard to follow. Idk, sorry.

I did play through it and I love it! It's definitely much better and the options are much appreciated! I have no criticism to add just a ton of love! =3

Lol I do tend to. It's frustrating and it happens in soooo many games that it need to be strongly felt about so maybe it will stop! There's gotta be a better, less frustrating way to build up to it. At there very least there can be some answers. Like her father could still tell her she's getting married and tell her he won't tell her to whom and she'll have to find out or whatever. Give her something, as it is it's just unnecessarily dragged out for literally no reason. It's not engaging, it doesn't make me want to know it makes me want to walk away. If I had, it'd have been a shame. Not mention that I'm a very curious person so if I'm ready to walk away, I'm certain someone else has probably given up. There's so much potential here too and the story and art are so good it would all be a waste for someone to give up just because the beginning is a little rough.

Anyways I know there is a skip in general but I meant in the story? Because there is no options there obviously the introductions of the characters has little meaning aside from informing the audience and the MC about who they are and such, I think it's common for games to have an option where the MC just literally doesn't care as a way to just skip having to skip through things? If that makes sense? A choice similar to the cosmetic choices just for like multiple playthroughs? Or the choice to entirely skip the first chapter? just for multiple playthroughs but also for just more options and impatient people. 

Obviously you wouldn't skip the first chapter in the demo but I was just throwing it out there for future reference. xD

I'd do sincerely hope Iandir doesn't get revoiced but I still look forward to the end result and hope this is quickly funded!

Ok so, normally I only comment if I have serious issues with things in the game, however, I have to make another exception. Aside from the beginning, I have to complain about the beginning because I have a HUGE issue with the constant dodging and "What's happening?" and 10 minutes of just trying to be mysterious and keeping the mc in the dark and back and forth nonsense is a little ridiculous. The dad said they'd talk about it when she came down for dinner, so fricken talk about it stop trying to be dodgy already. It's unnecessary and takes away from the story. Sorry.

Aside from that, I loved it. There is something going on, Idk what but I'd like to find out. The art is pretty nice, the characters are pretty interesting, I love world building so I'm very interested in the world you've set up here and figuring it all out.

About the voice acting, I have to put here that I absolutely disagree. I mean I love ALL the voices, Thrace and Iandir in particular, they had such calming, soft voices. They all seemed to fit, I mean I suppose Thrace's voice being calming probably not but with his sass it is really fitting. Iandir does seem less emotional but it worked because he's just a very gentle and laid back sort of character so his lack of emotion seemed to just go with his ability to sort of shrug off whatever was going on. I normally don't favor those types of characters but Iandir was super endearing and I immediately adored him.

Though Kadan's voice didn't really surprise me at first, the personality did a little, just hearing him say some of those things was like "oh he's one of those!" and it did sound a little funny but I'm not entirely sure why? It didn't take away from the story at all.

I also wish there were more choices as well, it was a little disappointing. It's hard to really critique that part without having access to a full game but there does seem a pretty long stretch with just no options. Even minor things with just different dialogue or the option to skip introductions entirely could've been a nice touch. I also agree that a few cosmetic options would be much appreciated but I understand that it might not be possible because if you offer cosmetic options and then they don't appear in CGs people could also complain about that so it's a whole thing.

In all I found this very entertaining and I look forward to supporting this project!

I'm really glad you posted Luvetia. =] I totally get the discouraged posts and all the frustration is 100% justified, I really do understand but I really want to also pop in to support Agashi. I don't want her to be discouraged and give up and think there isn't still interest or that she's making a game that no one is actively supporting. I get where everyone is coming from and respect everyone's opinions as well.♥ I'm going to keep stalking and hoping!

Normally I don't comment unless I have issues with the games but I wanted to say I really look forward to the full release, I'm very intrigued. The writing is also very lovely and I really NEED to know what happens. =3 Keep up the good work, I hope everything comes together nicely!

Ok, awesome. So it was just the saves not letting me progress, I cleared everything and finished most of the endings. x'D I still get an occasional skip to the title screen, but I'm not sure what causes it.

Following that I am still getting the ending where Kikka falls in and Lu dies... Trying to avoid spoilers but like I'm trying to make sure this is just operator error and not something breaking. Though if it were to break I would be the one to break it. T^T

I'll try deleting them, I considered it but then thought not to just in case for more information and all the slots seem to be affected too beyond the first save slot. I'll just delete them all and start over, shouldn't be an issue. 

Yeah, I tried helping, I tried watching and I tried letting the choice time-out and all resulted in Kikka dying or him either dying or never being seen again. x'D I first tried branching off from Bemelle's story but when none of those options worked, I went back and made sure to get 0 affection with everyone else, then I tried it with Margret making it to day 2 and I haven't been able to get to the second day with Margret alive without being routed back to the main menu. I'm pretty sure I've tried every combination while still gaining the sufficient affection with Lu and nothing seems to be working.

Having a bit of trouble with the full version routing back to the main menu when I get to the bridge for day 2 if saved over a demo save or any slot after a demo save. So if I saved in the demo on slot 2 then slot 3 on would route me to the main menu. At least I think that's what is going on because I was able to make it through so long as I didn't load past slot 2.

When I do make it through, Lu's branch seems to be inaccessible. I've gone through pretty much every option following your guide as well, is his branch intended to end with him dead? It would make sense but I thought I'd ask just in case.

So just a warning, if I like a game, I spend money on it and if I don't I comment. With that in mind I will continue with how my unpopular opinion was pure relief at the changing of the whole Kpop thing. I was briefly super happy about that.

That said, my joy lasted maybe 10min after downloading the demo of the game. The plot seems... Shaky at best. It makes 0 sense to me. Why would a government organization like that recruit a rookie with no training who is already closer to retirement than all the other members aside from the leader who has probably been there the longest? It's illogical and makes the plot seem super forced. Even so, I could overlook it if she even acted her age. She's the oldest member on the team now but still acts like an awkward teenager trying to look cool like 90% of the time. Any time she tries to be encouraging and make a point she awkwardly and repetitively dances around the point she's trying to make and ends up being as weird and wordy as possible and I just sit there like "Please stop.Please stop." the whole time. It's just so hard to read how fricken awkward she is.

Another awkward thing is the whole Five and Zero thing where she jumps off the bed because it's a "compromising position"... They're obviously just talking and if she didn't act like a weirdo Zero probably would've just seen that they were just talking instead of her jumping up and acting overly weird and cheerful and guilty. It was weird and personally I don't think it's something a "confident adult woman" would do. I feel like if she were confident she'd care a whole lot less about sitting on the bed of a friend and talking to him and if she wasn't then why would she agree to sit there in the first place? Seems kinda stupid to me. I'm trying not to get too into everything but there are plot holes and contradictions everywhere and as much as I'd love to support your game, I seriously just can't. This is torturous, really because I loved MDSOA for the most part and could easily overlook most of the stuff I didn't like. I had very few complaints and I know there is so much potential but I'm not sure what is going on here. This is not near the same quality in character development, plot or writing and I'm just at a loss.

I know nothing will change, I know you value your creative freedom and I can respect that but I really hope that the quality doesn't continue to decline in future games. I also noticed the grammar seemed really weird. I rarely mention how annoying it is too see "together with" in games, but I absolutely cannot stand it. I feel like it's used as a cheap way to add to the word count and it's completely non-nonsensical. You either "went with them" or you "went together" you don't "go together with someone". I've also noticed some other weird grammatical issues where some words were used instead of others but the words aren't interchangeable and I really don't want to have to replay the demo of the game to find those issues. They are minor anyway, I just thought I'd throw it out there since I wasted time complaining in the first place.

I probably have more but those are just the main things. I will probably play through whatever is released for free in hopes that it can be redeemed but I honestly don't think I can get past just how little sense it all makes. I hope it doesn't discourage you guys, the idea was really good(minus the Kpop thing in the beginning) the plot could've been great too and that's probably why it's so disappointing.

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I did not say at all that the negativity was without cause. It's a normal response to be upset/disappointed but the person you're backing is still human and things happen. She updated elsewhere and so I thought it would be nice to spread the positivity to other platforms and not just the kickstarter. Negativity isn't any less negative because you feel it's "deserved". Anyway it was not to start an argument it was to hopefully lift the spirits of both the developer and those waiting who were not sure whether or not the project was still going.

Edit:(I'd also like to add that there was a bit of negativity even before the missed release too, so please don't think I'm singling out incidents. There has simply been some things said and if you don't know what I'm talking about then don't worry about it. I just want to hopefully encourage people to be more supportive? Or something. Or at least be supportive myself.)

There was an update on kickstarter, if you're interested. I simply wanted to add some positivity here since there has been a bit of negativity about the push backs.

An that things go smoothly for that final stretch! I can't wait but I'm glad to hear(from other sources) that this is still going and I hope you can update here as well soon! ♥

Ty so much for such a quick response! I'll be stalking! =]

Aldrich and Lilié !!

Is this supposed to happen? Where did I go wrong!?

Super late but Jaja during the meeting in the library when you first find out Sato is his "brother" calls the MC "him" I believe. Not that it's a huge deal I just wanted to point it out because I'm a terrible person. =P