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So the story is interesting, I think? If I understand the premise correctly. The art is great, it's a good start but it's really hard to keep reading. The wording is awkward, the writing is kinda... Not great. It's really formal everything is very wordy and hard to follow.I'm assuming the writer's first language is not English, which is all well and good but it needs to be edited better. It's distracting and I have to reread everything several times, it's like a word scramble where all the words are in a very strange order. The MC keeps saying things like "I have ..." when they are mentioning their actions, "I have tightened my grip on my bag"... Maybe it's just because I over think things, it seems to be a mystery type story which means the wording would be SUPER important and worded that way is like... Hinting at something but it's not, it's just bad writing so it's like... Hard to follow. Idk, sorry.

I'm certainly not hoping for scheduled updates, in fact I would have been understanding of needing breaks and so on. I do not however, want to stick around if the  game is going to be cancelled constantly. That's all.

I get that mental health is important and I do wish you the best. I admittedly stopped paying attention when the game was put on hiatus, then updated, then changed, then removed but I didn't see the need to bother unfollowing here. Hence how I got the updates. If you're passionate about actually creating the game, I would like to be supportive and possibly even donate to the project, this wasn't meant to be an attack or negative but it's hard for it to be put nicely I suppose. I just don't really want to actively follow a project and become invested in something that's just kinda there and maybe it'll get done and maybe the person creating it will lose interest halfway through and disappear. If there isn't any dedication, I could forget about it and if it happens, it happens. Which is totally fine and seems like what you're suggesting. I'm definitely not going to try and talk you out of making the game or anything.

Anyways, I liked Alibaba, Noor and Zsan and I'm happy to see Alibaba back. Sorry if I seem harsh?

So not to be a downer or anything but if I keep following this project, are you going to have time for it? Like I was pretty interested in the last one and excited to see how everything went, I liked most of the characters and then it was just excuse after excuse and now the entire thing is gone and you're making a new one... Are you actually going to dedicate a part of your busy schedule to this? Can I hope for this  or is it going to end up being another "I'll try but if it's too hard, meh"?

I'm sure it sounds harsh but you literally JUST said you didn't have time for your other project last month so, please forgive my skepticism... =/ I'm sure I'm not the only one here thinking this either.

I did play through it and I love it! It's definitely much better and the options are much appreciated! I have no criticism to add just a ton of love! =3

Lol I do tend to. It's frustrating and it happens in soooo many games that it need to be strongly felt about so maybe it will stop! There's gotta be a better, less frustrating way to build up to it. At there very least there can be some answers. Like her father could still tell her she's getting married and tell her he won't tell her to whom and she'll have to find out or whatever. Give her something, as it is it's just unnecessarily dragged out for literally no reason. It's not engaging, it doesn't make me want to know it makes me want to walk away. If I had, it'd have been a shame. Not mention that I'm a very curious person so if I'm ready to walk away, I'm certain someone else has probably given up. There's so much potential here too and the story and art are so good it would all be a waste for someone to give up just because the beginning is a little rough.

Anyways I know there is a skip in general but I meant in the story? Because there is no options there obviously the introductions of the characters has little meaning aside from informing the audience and the MC about who they are and such, I think it's common for games to have an option where the MC just literally doesn't care as a way to just skip having to skip through things? If that makes sense? A choice similar to the cosmetic choices just for like multiple playthroughs? Or the choice to entirely skip the first chapter? just for multiple playthroughs but also for just more options and impatient people. 

Obviously you wouldn't skip the first chapter in the demo but I was just throwing it out there for future reference. xD

I'd do sincerely hope Iandir doesn't get revoiced but I still look forward to the end result and hope this is quickly funded!

Ok so, normally I only comment if I have serious issues with things in the game, however, I have to make another exception. Aside from the beginning, I have to complain about the beginning because I have a HUGE issue with the constant dodging and "What's happening?" and 10 minutes of just trying to be mysterious and keeping the mc in the dark and back and forth nonsense is a little ridiculous. The dad said they'd talk about it when she came down for dinner, so fricken talk about it stop trying to be dodgy already. It's unnecessary and takes away from the story. Sorry.

Aside from that, I loved it. There is something going on, Idk what but I'd like to find out. The art is pretty nice, the characters are pretty interesting, I love world building so I'm very interested in the world you've set up here and figuring it all out.

About the voice acting, I have to put here that I absolutely disagree. I mean I love ALL the voices, Thrace and Iandir in particular, they had such calming, soft voices. They all seemed to fit, I mean I suppose Thrace's voice being calming probably not but with his sass it is really fitting. Iandir does seem less emotional but it worked because he's just a very gentle and laid back sort of character so his lack of emotion seemed to just go with his ability to sort of shrug off whatever was going on. I normally don't favor those types of characters but Iandir was super endearing and I immediately adored him.

Though Kadan's voice didn't really surprise me at first, the personality did a little, just hearing him say some of those things was like "oh he's one of those!" and it did sound a little funny but I'm not entirely sure why? It didn't take away from the story at all.

I also wish there were more choices as well, it was a little disappointing. It's hard to really critique that part without having access to a full game but there does seem a pretty long stretch with just no options. Even minor things with just different dialogue or the option to skip introductions entirely could've been a nice touch. I also agree that a few cosmetic options would be much appreciated but I understand that it might not be possible because if you offer cosmetic options and then they don't appear in CGs people could also complain about that so it's a whole thing.

In all I found this very entertaining and I look forward to supporting this project!

I'm really glad you posted Luvetia. =] I totally get the discouraged posts and all the frustration is 100% justified, I really do understand but I really want to also pop in to support Agashi. I don't want her to be discouraged and give up and think there isn't still interest or that she's making a game that no one is actively supporting. I get where everyone is coming from and respect everyone's opinions as well.♥ I'm going to keep stalking and hoping!

Normally I don't comment unless I have issues with the games but I wanted to say I really look forward to the full release, I'm very intrigued. The writing is also very lovely and I really NEED to know what happens. =3 Keep up the good work, I hope everything comes together nicely!

Ok, awesome. So it was just the saves not letting me progress, I cleared everything and finished most of the endings. x'D I still get an occasional skip to the title screen, but I'm not sure what causes it.

Following that I am still getting the ending where Kikka falls in and Lu dies... Trying to avoid spoilers but like I'm trying to make sure this is just operator error and not something breaking. Though if it were to break I would be the one to break it. T^T

I'll try deleting them, I considered it but then thought not to just in case for more information and all the slots seem to be affected too beyond the first save slot. I'll just delete them all and start over, shouldn't be an issue. 

Yeah, I tried helping, I tried watching and I tried letting the choice time-out and all resulted in Kikka dying or him either dying or never being seen again. x'D I first tried branching off from Bemelle's story but when none of those options worked, I went back and made sure to get 0 affection with everyone else, then I tried it with Margret making it to day 2 and I haven't been able to get to the second day with Margret alive without being routed back to the main menu. I'm pretty sure I've tried every combination while still gaining the sufficient affection with Lu and nothing seems to be working.

Having a bit of trouble with the full version routing back to the main menu when I get to the bridge for day 2 if saved over a demo save or any slot after a demo save. So if I saved in the demo on slot 2 then slot 3 on would route me to the main menu. At least I think that's what is going on because I was able to make it through so long as I didn't load past slot 2.

When I do make it through, Lu's branch seems to be inaccessible. I've gone through pretty much every option following your guide as well, is his branch intended to end with him dead? It would make sense but I thought I'd ask just in case.

So just a warning, if I like a game, I spend money on it and if I don't I comment. With that in mind I will continue with how my unpopular opinion was pure relief at the changing of the whole Kpop thing. I was briefly super happy about that.

That said, my joy lasted maybe 10min after downloading the demo of the game. The plot seems... Shaky at best. It makes 0 sense to me. Why would a government organization like that recruit a rookie with no training who is already closer to retirement than all the other members aside from the leader who has probably been there the longest? It's illogical and makes the plot seem super forced. Even so, I could overlook it if she even acted her age. She's the oldest member on the team now but still acts like an awkward teenager trying to look cool like 90% of the time. Any time she tries to be encouraging and make a point she awkwardly and repetitively dances around the point she's trying to make and ends up being as weird and wordy as possible and I just sit there like "Please stop.Please stop." the whole time. It's just so hard to read how fricken awkward she is.

Another awkward thing is the whole Five and Zero thing where she jumps off the bed because it's a "compromising position"... They're obviously just talking and if she didn't act like a weirdo Zero probably would've just seen that they were just talking instead of her jumping up and acting overly weird and cheerful and guilty. It was weird and personally I don't think it's something a "confident adult woman" would do. I feel like if she were confident she'd care a whole lot less about sitting on the bed of a friend and talking to him and if she wasn't then why would she agree to sit there in the first place? Seems kinda stupid to me. I'm trying not to get too into everything but there are plot holes and contradictions everywhere and as much as I'd love to support your game, I seriously just can't. This is torturous, really because I loved MDSOA for the most part and could easily overlook most of the stuff I didn't like. I had very few complaints and I know there is so much potential but I'm not sure what is going on here. This is not near the same quality in character development, plot or writing and I'm just at a loss.

I know nothing will change, I know you value your creative freedom and I can respect that but I really hope that the quality doesn't continue to decline in future games. I also noticed the grammar seemed really weird. I rarely mention how annoying it is too see "together with" in games, but I absolutely cannot stand it. I feel like it's used as a cheap way to add to the word count and it's completely non-nonsensical. You either "went with them" or you "went together" you don't "go together with someone". I've also noticed some other weird grammatical issues where some words were used instead of others but the words aren't interchangeable and I really don't want to have to replay the demo of the game to find those issues. They are minor anyway, I just thought I'd throw it out there since I wasted time complaining in the first place.

I probably have more but those are just the main things. I will probably play through whatever is released for free in hopes that it can be redeemed but I honestly don't think I can get past just how little sense it all makes. I hope it doesn't discourage you guys, the idea was really good(minus the Kpop thing in the beginning) the plot could've been great too and that's probably why it's so disappointing.

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I did not say at all that the negativity was without cause. It's a normal response to be upset/disappointed but the person you're backing is still human and things happen. She updated elsewhere and so I thought it would be nice to spread the positivity to other platforms and not just the kickstarter. Negativity isn't any less negative because you feel it's "deserved". Anyway it was not to start an argument it was to hopefully lift the spirits of both the developer and those waiting who were not sure whether or not the project was still going.

Edit:(I'd also like to add that there was a bit of negativity even before the missed release too, so please don't think I'm singling out incidents. There has simply been some things said and if you don't know what I'm talking about then don't worry about it. I just want to hopefully encourage people to be more supportive? Or something. Or at least be supportive myself.)

There was an update on kickstarter, if you're interested. I simply wanted to add some positivity here since there has been a bit of negativity about the push backs.

An that things go smoothly for that final stretch! I can't wait but I'm glad to hear(from other sources) that this is still going and I hope you can update here as well soon! ♥

Ty so much for such a quick response! I'll be stalking! =]

Aldrich and Lilié !!

Is this supposed to happen? Where did I go wrong!?

Super late but Jaja during the meeting in the library when you first find out Sato is his "brother" calls the MC "him" I believe. Not that it's a huge deal I just wanted to point it out because I'm a terrible person. =P

(1 edit)

Are there any suggestions as to the description of the characters or narrative that you feel could add to the game? I do find it odd that occasionally the narration comes from Dere but sometimes it's just "narrator" but from Dere's perspective still? It's a bit confusing and a little distracting.
Are there any aspects that really interest you? The plot? I'm painfully curious and I have to know what happens.
Are there any aspects that you feel detract from interest? The occasionally slow pace but it was all usually pretty short lived and back to being interesting pretty quick.
What was your impression of the demo overall? It was good, interesting, pretty well written.
Did this page present the demo well? I do believe so, I'm going through all the options still and I try to stay away from demos of any kind, as I tend to get hooked and then I can't finish but I had to try it so I would say you did something right? =D
Did you find any glitches or bugs that need to be addressed? During the dunk tank part if you choose to help Christian, after he "fails to impress" Dere both of the two options break the sprite, one shows a blank Dere sprite and the other shows the Dere sprite hiding behind Christian.
Was the writing acceptable? Were there any strange moments in flow or awkward dialogue? A few minor things that did detract from the eloquence but nothing majorly distracting. A few typos.
Were the transitions of expressions and rooms acceptable? Any strange moments? Nothing that was unintentionally strange from what I could tell, I over analyze everything so I assume it all has purpose later on in the story. There were just parts that made me wonder what might be coming up.
What was your favorite part of the demo?  Hmm I'm not sure, I liked when Lana turned green? I kinda wish she'd done it to herself on accident or something but it was still pretty funny.
Would you desire or consider helping to fund a kick-starter in relation to this game? Yes. =3
Any other comments, questions, or feedback? When? I probably won't get to keep my sanity if I don't know how it ends so please make this happen. xD

I'll poke around, I can't promise I'll remember to get around to all the other stuff though. Just that the accent sounds like Elmer Fudd to me, it doesn't sound like an exotic accent, it sounds like a speech impediment which is why I don't want to be mean or sound judgemental or anything. I've muted Ambrosia but there are still parts where I can hear it and without being like "Ugh, that voice really annoys me" or "I don't think it sounds elegant like Ambrosia is intended to be" it just takes me a minute to process specific words simply because they don't sound right to me? Like at the beginning she says her name "Ambwosa" and then the monologue bit "spiwit"it was really distracting for me, is all. It's a small thing that for some reason bothers me more than it should. I mean I could easily play with all the sound completely muted. I'm really curious about the story so it's probably what I'll end up doing when the game is released. xD

I've not finished this yet and I'm not trying to be mean but if you change anything please let it be Ambrosia's voice. D=

Soulset is really weird and... I mean I loved the story but some parts of it were strange and Idk if it's for everyone. xD but yeah they were both pretty interesting. Especially if you like stories with a twist. =]

I did assume that English wasn't your native language, considering that I it is still very good. I just personally have a lot of trouble focusing on the story when I'm mentally correcting it all in my head. It's not your fault at all but it is definitely something that affects my ability to enjoy the story.  I'm glad you're not taking offense to it and I'm really happy to hear that you're still working to improve it even though it is probably a small matter for most people.
The other stories would be Dragon Age obviously with the mage tower thing, the bindings and the secret mage ritual. You put your own spin on it and it was different enough that it remained interesting. Also one of your companions turning out to be a prince. =P Then also Amnesia(just very vaguely but it made me think of this when I initially learned she'd lost her memory), with the memory loss and not being able to remember the person she had been with for the past years of her life.  Which the circumstances were very different and no one was dying and she didn't have a spirit in her head or anything so less so that story. Xander was also very different from Ukyo so I'm not sure why it reminded me of that at all. But I think the main thing it reminded me of regarding the memory loss is SoulSet. Arantis even reminded me a bit of Marco. As I said the similarities aren't such that they take away from your story in the least.

I was curious if I purchased the second book here, would I be able to play it still? I have the rest of the entire game through steam and I'm trying to figure out which it a safer bet. I would preferred buying the entire thing here but I don't want to have to rebuy all the other parts since I have everything including prologues already on steam. Does the steam version also include the epilogue? Like is that part of book II or is that just an bonus kind of thing?

The grammar was absolutely atrocious. I spent almost literally every second of the game rereading and trying to make sure I interpreted everything correctly ontop of mentally correcting typos and repeated spelling errors... Was Crystal purposefully spelled with an 'i'?

That being said the game was sweet, the story was lovely and interesting and the characters were wonderful. I can never choose between Casimir and Xander I just... Always feel heartbroken no matter which way I go. The main story was a touch predictable but there were a bunch of little pieces that fit together nicely. It reminded me alot of many other stories that I enjoyed without outright copying the plot and I enjoyed it more than I initially expected.

The art was nice, a bit cartoony and rough but very endearing. I enjoyed the game over all but it was admittedly a bit too much work to read for me. Having to rearrange sentences in my head so that I could make sense of the writing was a bit of a chore so I doubt I'd really replay it but it was a very nice story and I'm glad I continued reading until the end.

I'm so super sad about this but thank you for the update! I really can't wait so I wish you the best of luck! =]

I honestly don't mind the grammar at all, I just thought I'd let you know. I totally understand and generally it's not something I easily overlook because I'm a super grammar nazi most of the time, but I really do enjoy your games and I'll play them no matter what because I super enjoy your stories and characters. =] There really is no need to cut it down, it was just an idea as I'm not sure about other people but the wordiness might be discouraging for other people trying to get into the actual story. I know it'll be great so I can easily overlook it, but other people who come to pay for it when it's complete might be less inclined to do so if it's too difficult for them to become invested in the story. In all, however, I totally love it and support you 100%.

I know you have proof readers, but I figured I'd help you out a bit too since I'm here squirming and all.

In the opening it says "This I give you, an advice." It would be more like "This I give you, a piece of advice." or something like that. Which still sounds really weird to me but is at the very least more grammatically correct.

On the news paper "More people get missing" it should be "More people go missing"... And "In sheep pastures" not "on" Not that those are terribly important.

"Wish that day 'would' come sooner" instead of "will" and in all other instances it is the same, I noticed that in the first game too and it's something that has always bothered me a bit, but I still love your work regardless. There are a lot of other grammatical errors scattered that I'm sure will me caught in later updates, typos and "there"s instead of "their"s and so on. I'm also not sure what you were trying to say with the line "For those who were wondering, here are a few definitions about it; the rumors never let up, pasts were never forgotten. I mean I get the gist but I really don't even know how to begin dissecting that for you at all. D= Maybe it would be easier to say something like "No one ever let me forget those facts"? It's less wordy but I think it's a more direct way to express what you were trying to say because as it stands I'm really confused about the point you're trying to make with that particular sentence. I know English isn't your first language and you're doing really well so keep it up! =]

All the innuendo between the mc and her parents is really unnecessary and a little bit uncomfortable? Here and there is one thing like a little joke but she keeps going and going to the point where it just feels awkward. It'd be less so if they ever like... Joked back at all but they both just seem really uncomfortable with it all the time and she keeps pushing and pushing, it might just be me though.

The family bits are kinda nice, but it feels like a lot of plot-hindering filler that has no real purpose in the story. Which is fine but there seems to be ALOT of it and if you're not careful people might get really bored before ever becoming invested in your story/plot. Because thus far I have no idea what is supposed to be happening. 7 days in and it doesn't feel like we're being set up for a plot, it literally feels like we are just waiting around "what happens in 7 days?" IDK wait and find out and it's a lot of waiting. 8 days before we are ever introduced to anything resembling any sort of story-line. It really doesn't take THAT long to establish a connection between us and the MC's family and it shouldn't. TBH a simple "My family was always the most important thing to me" should honestly have been enough without having to deal with them for 8 in game days, honestly by the end of the demo I fricken hated Mawar and the mom, like tbh any time they entered the scene I was like "*sigh* Here we go.............." No offense, they just babbled too much about nothing interesting and I had a hard time staying focused on the points. There are a few parts where the characters seem to just ramble about random junk. You'd save yourself a TON of time, effort, resources on cutting that down a bit.

Also I know she's upset and desperate, but I am not and I really don't want to have to sit through her shuffling and pulling that deng death card 20 times.... You can just describe it? Twice is good, really, since I can't skip through it?

The Nusantara poster was a nice touch. ;P I definitely had to play it again after playing this demo I totally miss those boys. T^T Also SweetChiel Cafe. ;P

My god, why are you so sadistic? Jesus. But yes, I think that it does honestly need to be in there. I see where you're coming from but it's like a part of it and I feel that it is important. An important aspect of their relationship. But personally SHE NEEDS TO STOP IT! The tiniest things set her off and she doesn't think and I just want to hold him and tell him it will all be ok in the end but I can't! You're breaking my heart.

Oh god, now I'm worried... What have you done!? >=O I just want to make sure I don't miss anything or have content still locked, I'm a bit of a perfectionist and it is one of the reasons I'm having trouble going through it as many times as I have, just because it's getting hard keeping everyone's music stats maxed at 5.0 just to unlock these little bits. xD But also I feel like the story just barely starts with Dallas and then it ends so I was hoping that getting access to that part might help me feel better about it? Or maybe it will just destroy me more. Either way I'm not complaining, thanks for the reply. =]

I've played through it several times trying to get the By The Pier and In The Dark Scenes. I've gotten everything else and followed the walk-through but I keep missing those. I'm also missing a flashback from his route as well, I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. x.x I got the last date with him too but it's not triggering anything.

Can't wait! ♥

Please tell me the next chapter is almost complete and my obsessive page stalking will soon be rewarded with adorable pointy-eared goodness! I have been behaving, promise!