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A topic by Pixel created Aug 20, 2018 Views: 496 Replies: 2
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So just a warning, if I like a game, I spend money on it and if I don't I comment. With that in mind I will continue with how my unpopular opinion was pure relief at the changing of the whole Kpop thing. I was briefly super happy about that.

That said, my joy lasted maybe 10min after downloading the demo of the game. The plot seems... Shaky at best. It makes 0 sense to me. Why would a government organization like that recruit a rookie with no training who is already closer to retirement than all the other members aside from the leader who has probably been there the longest? It's illogical and makes the plot seem super forced. Even so, I could overlook it if she even acted her age. She's the oldest member on the team now but still acts like an awkward teenager trying to look cool like 90% of the time. Any time she tries to be encouraging and make a point she awkwardly and repetitively dances around the point she's trying to make and ends up being as weird and wordy as possible and I just sit there like "Please stop.Please stop." the whole time. It's just so hard to read how fricken awkward she is.

Another awkward thing is the whole Five and Zero thing where she jumps off the bed because it's a "compromising position"... They're obviously just talking and if she didn't act like a weirdo Zero probably would've just seen that they were just talking instead of her jumping up and acting overly weird and cheerful and guilty. It was weird and personally I don't think it's something a "confident adult woman" would do. I feel like if she were confident she'd care a whole lot less about sitting on the bed of a friend and talking to him and if she wasn't then why would she agree to sit there in the first place? Seems kinda stupid to me. I'm trying not to get too into everything but there are plot holes and contradictions everywhere and as much as I'd love to support your game, I seriously just can't. This is torturous, really because I loved MDSOA for the most part and could easily overlook most of the stuff I didn't like. I had very few complaints and I know there is so much potential but I'm not sure what is going on here. This is not near the same quality in character development, plot or writing and I'm just at a loss.

I know nothing will change, I know you value your creative freedom and I can respect that but I really hope that the quality doesn't continue to decline in future games. I also noticed the grammar seemed really weird. I rarely mention how annoying it is too see "together with" in games, but I absolutely cannot stand it. I feel like it's used as a cheap way to add to the word count and it's completely non-nonsensical. You either "went with them" or you "went together" you don't "go together with someone". I've also noticed some other weird grammatical issues where some words were used instead of others but the words aren't interchangeable and I really don't want to have to replay the demo of the game to find those issues. They are minor anyway, I just thought I'd throw it out there since I wasted time complaining in the first place.

I probably have more but those are just the main things. I will probably play through whatever is released for free in hopes that it can be redeemed but I honestly don't think I can get past just how little sense it all makes. I hope it doesn't discourage you guys, the idea was really good(minus the Kpop thing in the beginning) the plot could've been great too and that's probably why it's so disappointing.


Hope you find another game that meets your interests since you've already found this partial game to not meet your expectations! 

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