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Lol I do tend to. It's frustrating and it happens in soooo many games that it need to be strongly felt about so maybe it will stop! There's gotta be a better, less frustrating way to build up to it. At there very least there can be some answers. Like her father could still tell her she's getting married and tell her he won't tell her to whom and she'll have to find out or whatever. Give her something, as it is it's just unnecessarily dragged out for literally no reason. It's not engaging, it doesn't make me want to know it makes me want to walk away. If I had, it'd have been a shame. Not mention that I'm a very curious person so if I'm ready to walk away, I'm certain someone else has probably given up. There's so much potential here too and the story and art are so good it would all be a waste for someone to give up just because the beginning is a little rough.

Anyways I know there is a skip in general but I meant in the story? Because there is no options there obviously the introductions of the characters has little meaning aside from informing the audience and the MC about who they are and such, I think it's common for games to have an option where the MC just literally doesn't care as a way to just skip having to skip through things? If that makes sense? A choice similar to the cosmetic choices just for like multiple playthroughs? Or the choice to entirely skip the first chapter? just for multiple playthroughs but also for just more options and impatient people. 

Obviously you wouldn't skip the first chapter in the demo but I was just throwing it out there for future reference. xD

I'd do sincerely hope Iandir doesn't get revoiced but I still look forward to the end result and hope this is quickly funded!

Hi again! 

I believe the update demo has reduced this, and if we are funded, I will likely do a bit of rewriting of the Prelude as well.

To your question - I'm sure we can include a skip in the full game. That's a good idea (since a lot of you would have played the Prelude, I imagine, and wouldn't want to go through it again).

I hope we get funded too! We're doing as much as we can to get the word out : D

I did play through it and I love it! It's definitely much better and the options are much appreciated! I have no criticism to add just a ton of love! =3

I'm glad, thank you for the love! :D