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You played a random level pack. They are not supposed to have learning curve. The learning curve is in Story level packs. Also the "Classic" pack is from 2006, and it has little number of mechanics. If you started from "Beginner" pack it would be very different experience.

By the way in story level packs, there are dialogues. They works a bit like cutscenes too.

Thank you for checking out and providing feedback!

Oh whoops, I assumed i was playing the main game, oh well.

I'll give the main story mode a go tomorrow :)

Well, if you not tired of it. I hope that is not bother. Also if you will have ideas of which things we could sell for in-game currency(coins can be obtained in game, crystals are only to buy with in-app) that would be cool. So far we think of skins and few more things. It's hard to tell which one people would really like in a  logic game.

Just played through the beginner pack.

You've done a good job introducing mechanics incrementally.

Also liked how there were some more cathartic levels thrown in like the one where you hit one bomb and set off a chain to destroy the whole map.

This is defiantly a better way to start out the game, maybe you should put the extra levels I was playing the first time behind a unlock achievement to stop noobs like me from just clicking whatever to get to the meat of the game :P

Overall my impression of the game has stayed positive, a very well done little game.

I was thinking about that. We have overall stars sum in there. And some packs could be unlocked only when the stars sum would reach a certain point.

Thanks for testing the beginner pack!