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I was wondering if you might consider adding an intermediate stage in pregnancy. The way it just goes straight from early to late stage feels a little jarring to me. I think having even just one extra stage between them would be a vast improvement in that aspect of the game. However, it is only a small issue and I understand that it would probably be a lot of work for very little actual benefit. So even if you agreed with me I would not expect it to be a high priority.
Also, unrelated question. I do have the option to pay money for this game thought this website. But what is the revenue split there? How much of that money actually goes to you?


Yeah, it would be way too much work, unfortunately. Not just in the amount of extra graphics, but also accounting for mid/late stage pregnancy in scenes. I do understand the sentiment though.

From what I understand, itch allows you to set how much of your contribution goes to them. More info here:
(And thanks so much if you do support!)