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I really love your work. I can not afford to buy the whole series all at once. But I am intending to buy them all one at a tie as funds allow. I have purchased 2and 3 so far. I was wondering if you will be putting any of your other work on this site? Or somewhere else I can buy them from? I know you have a patreon. I assume you would prefer people use that. But while I do like supporting artists, I prefer to buy things rather than pay subscriptions. Also I specifically dislike patreon.

But regardless. Keep up the awesome work. I hope I can look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

There definitely will be at least an explanation for where the player character comes from eventually. If you are impatient, you can play the original version of the game to learn about that. As for what happened to the world? I, too, would like to learn more about that.

Try Rinny.

The next stage is meeting the Don, which is accomplished by pushing past the thug who demands a toll for passage between new arc ans the slums. And then sleeping I think. and then you will meet the Don next time you are in the slums.

It is intended as a puzzle. But I think the solution is the same as it was in the original LD, which is how I figured it out. So if you really are stuck, you could check the guide for the original game, it might help.

I have some good new for you. You CAN pay for this game, through this website in fact. I think there is also a patreon for it.

Fair enough. If your intention was to create an insufferably annoying jackass, then you got it, spot on. XD I will put up with it for now and look forward to meeting the much cooler Don in the future.

Maybe old Don can come and overthrow new Don. And then new Don can be fed to the meat parasites. =P

I am kidding...I mean, unless you actually want to do that. In which case, you have my full support.

The Forrest Park

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Today I unfortunately have some criticism. It is only a matter of personal opinion, so it is totally understandable if you want to ignore it. But I have a problem with the Don. In the original, the Don was stern and unfriendly, but not unlikeable. He was believable as someone as someone who leads a criminal organization, but also values maintaining order and some semblance of peace. But the don in this version is an enormous twat. Just a gigantic unlikable prick. Everything he says just makes me want to punch him in the face. It makes me reluctant to interact with him in any way, even if it is necessary for some quests.

I just feel like you have ruined what was a respectable and likeable character. As I said this is merely my opinion and I totally understand if you do not have any fucks to give.

Other than that still a fantastic game. Keep up the great work.

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I was wondering if you might consider adding an intermediate stage in pregnancy. The way it just goes straight from early to late stage feels a little jarring to me. I think having even just one extra stage between them would be a vast improvement in that aspect of the game. However, it is only a small issue and I understand that it would probably be a lot of work for very little actual benefit. So even if you agreed with me I would not expect it to be a high priority.
Also, unrelated question. I do have the option to pay money for this game thought this website. But what is the revenue split there? How much of that money actually goes to you?

As far as horror games go, this is top notch. Despite having no obvious threat, the game manages to build an exquisitely eerie and creepy atmosphere. The little puzzle with the keypad, I felt was reasonably well thought out. Hard enough that I did have stop to take a moment to think about it, but not so difficult that I would need a hint to figure it out.
If you ever decided to expand it and make a full game out of it, I would absolutely pay money for it.

I am guessing that plant can not be killed yet. But if you can outpace its regeneration, it is a great way to train your strength because you can just keep hitting it until you decide to stop.

Everything needs more JoJo references XD

Huzzah. Can't wait.

That is why I used the word "option", as in, something the player can choose. With the ability to turn the option on or off, like the kinks. But i do not know how much effort it would take to implement something like that.

Or perhaps an option to allow enemies to scale in power as the player character gets stronger?

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Fair enough, I would certainly appreciate that. Have you considered Subscribestar? I have heard it is a good alternative to patreon, though I have yet looked into it myself. But from what I understand it functions on the same premise.
But either way, I love your work. Keep being awesome.

Any other ways besides patreon to get the latest build? I do not mind paying for it, in fact, I am happy to support this game. I just do not use patreon because of reasons.