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Rofl, I laughed so hard at 'WHERE IS MY 180CM (5'11") MAN??' x'D and I just woke up--thanks for making my day! 

But curiously enough, I keep seeing high schoolers/middle schoolers getting taller and taller these days o.o; I had an experience where I thought they were in college already and they laughed ><; the power of puberty?  growth spurt?

In any case, don't give up! Your 180 cm man is out there somewhere! >:D

Me too! I don't play any of their games, but the cosplays were cool! And yup, I agree. They say money can't buy happiness but everything needs money :"))

Thanks for visiting and making me laugh, PangHerHeart! *hugg Your support makes me feel warm ^///^

Growth spurt and hormone and peer pressure..? Maybe..? hahaha

Happy I can make someone laugh today :D Hope you are feeling better!

P.S. *whisper* I only found my men in 2D form or in Instagram so far ;;