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My observations tell me that Indonesian people do not grow taller each generation. I keep seeing short and short and short people. WHERE IS MY 180CM (5'11") MAN?? #a-tall-men-lover (but obviously my observation is unscientific and therefore unreliable.)

SEACA?? That's so cool! Even if I'm not into any games they host, but still so cool! Focus on your job! Sometimes you do need more money to be happy.

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Rofl, I laughed so hard at 'WHERE IS MY 180CM (5'11") MAN??' x'D and I just woke up--thanks for making my day! 

But curiously enough, I keep seeing high schoolers/middle schoolers getting taller and taller these days o.o; I had an experience where I thought they were in college already and they laughed ><; the power of puberty?  growth spurt?

In any case, don't give up! Your 180 cm man is out there somewhere! >:D

Me too! I don't play any of their games, but the cosplays were cool! And yup, I agree. They say money can't buy happiness but everything needs money :"))

Thanks for visiting and making me laugh, PangHerHeart! *hugg Your support makes me feel warm ^///^

Growth spurt and hormone and peer pressure..? Maybe..? hahaha

Happy I can make someone laugh today :D Hope you are feeling better!

P.S. *whisper* I only found my men in 2D form or in Instagram so far ;;