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i still cant find the eye.
but maybe, this has something to do with the relation between Z and W
and that M is maybe an A

-exit the server when he tells you to first time
-go back to server, do it all again and then when he tells you "you again go away leave us alone" along those lines, it will say he joined as spectator, then go to "room" on the left, its the one next to where you spawn and eye will be up in air on the right side when looking towards horizon

i tried that buit i cant seem to find the eye.
does someone have a screencapture?

here you go! the room next to the one that has the blue flag in it, to the left of where you are when the "behind you" prompt shows up

strange. i did everything i saw in this video, but still the eye never appears.

The movement with Z and Q can easily be explained: this game is made to work with AZERTY keyboards too. In AZERTY keyboards, the Z takes the place of the W, and the Q takes the place of the A.