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hey maker of game, @papercookies , tell me, does this game have any relation to doom and this new speedrun world record ?

-exit the server when he tells you to first time
-go back to server, do it all again and then when he tells you "you again go away leave us alone" along those lines, it will say he joined as spectator, then go to "room" on the left, its the one next to where you spawn and eye will be up in air on the right side when looking towards horizon

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I think it is, its simple to figure out what he wrote, just mimic his hand movements yourself on a sheet of paper, theres no mistake, its 1 M W or 111 vv, for some reason he wrote W little lower than the M, like, they are not in the same alignment.

Its enter key because of its shape and arrow inside(what else could it possibly be?).

I tried typing it in few places but so far no luck, I am starting to think this is where it ends, he did not implement next part in yet.
My bet is we will see updates soon.

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pretty sure its 1 M W and then enter button

it could also be 1 1 1 v v and then enter, why ? watch the video, he lifts up his pen while writing M and W

Thats all I got, but where to type in that "code" i have no clue

ps : whats up with that paper clip, is it there just randomly or has some meaning ?