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that makes a LOT of sense.

25467 to hexadecimal to ascii gives me "c{" something entering a "c" like information or video to an eye.
i really dont think this is important, for eary non the less.

(ps. sorry for my lame english)

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that's a great finding.
i saw the video like10 times, and i feel that the pencil is just going up and down.
up, up, up, down, down, enter.
maybe in the <o> we have to go to a server following those instructions (after all enter is the key to select a server)

i would like to try it, but for some reason, the eye doesn't appears on linux.

maybe the "<o>" is THE EYE.
so the dev is watching us in the server room.
because, if the <o> is a tag, it would end in </o>
also, pressing "y" to chat, sounds exactly as "eye". could be a minor detail.

The only clue we have from the creator is that 12/15 servers is strange (where are the other 6 online servers), and using z and q is strange.
the number 25467 makes no sense. maybe a short integer?

strange. i did everything i saw in this video, but still the eye never appears.

i tried that buit i cant seem to find the eye.
does someone have a screencapture?

well. theres' an eye that i cant seem to find.
i think the relation beetwen wasd and QZ is part of the pencil code.

i still cant find the eye.
but maybe, this has something to do with the relation between Z and W
and that M is maybe an A

i cant find this eye.
i have the linux version, maybe thats the problem?

ok, im noting some objects apears and desapears randomly.
it may be something to do with the servers, or not.
also, there is not a "center of the map".
where are the other 6 online servers?

Does it has something to do with the glitched column?

the bigest mystery for me was using Z and Q to move.
i think there's a mistery there.

i wonder if this game is hiding something more.

specialy in the numbers. 12/15 servers online where there are 6.
this is a really nice proyect you have here.