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year 2019 graphics 1986


Not what this game is about. Its grahhics are styalized and quite good tbh


Graphics aren't the point of the game. Gameplay is what matters most, and Mindustry is a fun game.


Rly their raphics aare godo and is still fun


how fucking stupid are you

Deleted 96 days ago

the graphics are designed like that to give the game a unique feeling, and slightly pixely to maintain what the original game was, a pixel art game.

saying that this game is bad due to the pixel art graphics is like me saying you are bad because you aren't the President.


Considering the game's small download and cross-platform support, the graphics contribute to the game's performance even on mobile. Games with thousands of units, buildings and enemies with AI are tough to run on mobile and on PC/Mac. However, this game runs very well on multiplayer cross multiple users and architectures. 


hehe mindustry lovers.

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get waking people

"get waking people"?

There some kind of political uprising you're trying to start?  Lol.