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excutable files are the downloable game and the progress is in appdata right??

so i have to keep placing walls around factories in attack gamemode ;-;

ok, i will try to make a good spanish traduction

what about right clicking it and select ''repair'' it worked on my windows 10

how i can help translating the game? 

u have the server installed? and u have to host game when you are already playing a level or map

can i uninstall the old 83.1, 84 and 86 version without losing my progress??

Please add a player tp block and the old troop commanding block, they would be veryyyy useful 

ok thanks!

whats the difference between windows32 and windows version (mindustry beta 86)??

thx but i discovered that exacty aa day ago u said that xd

download the software that the game supports, if don't work then i have no idea

i have an idea: a block 3x3 that makes all the enemies go kill it, use: (starting 500 and 15 extra for light, 30 for heavy, 100 for boss) energy research: copper: 5k lead: 5k metaglass: 1k graphite: 2k titanium: 5k torium: 3k phase fabric: 1450 silicone: 5k surge alloy: 2k pls make it, it would be veeerrryyy useful for flying enemies (like the wave 41 boss in nuclear complex it almost destroyed my whole base ;-;)

thanks for reading

I want to reinstall my windows, how do I save my pregress? my friend did that and he lost everything I'd love to know how to save it

The explosions of the crawler sometimes go trough walls, something ilogic because as the walls protect from bullets of drones which fly high in the sky, so the walls are supposed to be high but explosions have no-clip, pls fix i want to make an automatic defense when i go to make a system to earn resources and i find out that my core was attacked by 4 fortrress 6 titans and more