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i have an idea: a block 3x3 that makes all the enemies go kill it, use: (starting 500 and 15 extra for light, 30 for heavy, 100 for boss) energy research: copper: 5k lead: 5k metaglass: 1k graphite: 2k titanium: 5k torium: 3k phase fabric: 1450 silicone: 5k surge alloy: 2k pls make it, it would be veeerrryyy useful for flying enemies (like the wave 41 boss in nuclear complex it almost destroyed my whole base ;-;)

thanks for reading

Yeah that boss freaked me out b/c I had the whole place on lockdwon with only a few point defence setups and that came out of nowhere.  when the round spawned in i didnt notice the health bare and was across the map then it came flying and instagibbed me XD.  Lets just say when round 40 hits unless im there to soly kill that boss i leave asap XD