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Well, despite the recomendation from john_dev I delivered the flag and got kicked out from the server. Now I can't play the game anymore even downloading it again xD
Btw, very nice game tho. I loved the concept and the vibes are incredible!


Now I can't play the game anymore even downloading it again

This means that they've left a save file somewhere in your computer. So it's taking up space, bloating your computer without you being able to easily find it.

The save file is created using the PlayerPref system in Unity. AFAIK it shouldn't take up more than a few kilobytes so don't worry about it bloating your pc.


That's not the point man, it all adds up. But I found the save files anyway and have gotten rid of them.

Oh could you tell me where they are? I was looking for them as well.

...are you pulling  my leg man? Aren't you the developer of the game?!

Haha unity is an enigma, my friend! It's alright I noticed it was in the registry. I thought it was in LocalLow but it didn't actually store the save there.


Well, when I deleted the folder in local low, it seemed to reset the game. So that's how I found it. About the space thing, when your trying to clear up space, getting rid of big things is easy, but when you have a mass of tiny files that have accumulated over the years it can be a real headach. You don't want to accidentally deleat something important.