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Ooo! Was this made with Kided!?

This is probably one of the best things I've played all year. The action is fast paced, the guns are punchy and they all have their uses, even the pistol. Also, the low-fi pixel textured environments are really nice to look at in that.

I played on normal and the difficulty was spot on for the most part.

If I had any suggestions, maybe have some way of staggering the bigger enemies or breaking their charge. Maybe make some of the more powerful weapons like the double barrelled shot gun and revolver?

Also, I'd love to see more outdoor levels. I think the outdoor section was probably my favourite.

One last thing, I found 2 of these little maps, one was out in the open and the other in a secret passage. I thought they related to some kind of puzzle in the big prison room right before the yellow door but if it was I couldn't figure it out and their didn't seem to be any feedback on anything I tried.

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I heard about this after it started and assumed I was too late to submit. Someone told me submissions were still allowed and then I saw the date. If you get this before the cut off date I'd like to submit my game.

Thanks, what parts of the UI were glitchy?

Love the aesthetic, very moody, but it sometimes takes a long time for me to find the house. I wonder if the environment scrolls or if it's just a really big space.

Also, I found a couple of large stone glowing objects but they didn't seem to do anything... also a well that was cool to find but didn't seem to have any purpose beyond that.

This was a really cool idea.

Hi there, I wanted to comment on your game but you don't have a link to it in your page.  There is a special section for it in the Editor section of your games page.

... it also annoyed me that there doesn't appear to be any search function in the LD website. Seems super odd to me.

It was a cool little game.


Hi everyone,

I've been working on this game, on and off, for the better part of 6 months. Though most of the work was actually completed during the recent lock down. The premise is, essentially, what happens after the A-bombs have stopped falling. Where do you go, what do you do. This demo covered the opening part of the game. I hope you decide to check it out and if you like it, any donations would be greatly appreciated

Check out the game at this link:

Thanks. ^_^

Ah, so the reason there is only a couple of options is because you were mostly learning unity?


The rendering engine here is really cool. I love that old school pattern dithered look to the polygons. Though I have to say the controls do leave something to be desired. I don't know if the game was assisting or something but I don't remember the original being that hard to stay on the road.

Also, I couldn't find a way to make it full screen like some of other pico games. Overall, a fun distraction.

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This was pretty fun, though not being able to mouse look was super frustrating. Also, being able to save my game somehow would be nice. I had to stop playing because it was 5 am.

I thought the aesthetics of this game was really cool. So I was a little disappointed when I got to that nice room but couldn't do anything but walk around. I hope you decide to do something with the TV/VCR.

Also, I could have swarn I've seen that car interior model in another game. Did you make it or did you get it from somewhere?

Anyway, hope to see an update soon. Have a good one.

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This was a pretty cool take on the missile command formula. Some little pointers though, it would have been nice to know how much power you have access to. Like some kind of meter, or some way of knowing how fast a shield will recharge.

Nice! Let me know if you do and I'll post about it on the socials. 

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It seems there's no rating system on this site, but I wold definitely recommend trying this game.

This was kind of cool, though it took soooo long to kill even a single tie fighter, so... maybe consider making them less bullet spongy? I feel like each one took around 5 minutes to take down but I didn't time it.

also the sound was so lound I had to turn my PC down to 7% a mute button is nice but a volume slider would have been better.

Otherwise, really nice aesthetic, smooth motion. Wish I could have seen the trench run.

Well, when I deleted the folder in local low, it seemed to reset the game. So that's how I found it. About the space thing, when your trying to clear up space, getting rid of big things is easy, but when you have a mass of tiny files that have accumulated over the years it can be a real headach. You don't want to accidentally deleat something important.

...are you pulling  my leg man? Aren't you the developer of the game?!

That's not the point man, it all adds up. But I found the save files anyway and have gotten rid of them.

Ok, so when I first got the no server screen and it didn't go away on start up I deleted the game and then re-downloaded it and it was still there... That means the game is leaving a save file somewhere in my system and I really don't appreciate that.

Specially since that game wasn't installed, so I can't then Uninstall it to get rid of the save file. I've been having an issue with bloat clogging up my drives can you please tell me where to find the save file so I can totally uninstall the game?

Now I can't play the game anymore even downloading it again

This means that they've left a save file somewhere in your computer. So it's taking up space, bloating your computer without you being able to easily find it.

If you can send me some evidence of your purchase, like a purchase confirmation e-mail and or a product key or something like that, then I'll give you a key for Otherwise I'm really sorry.

It was probably Disura. That site went under, I think someone bought out the rights but hasn't done anything with it since.

Hi, so I'd really like to make a new giantess game. Life just get's in the way you know? I'm going to make an effort to create a new giantess game next year. So watch my account for news.

It was ok, I though the jump scare at the end was a little cheap and having to find the phone was really annoying. The sound seemed to be coming from a spot in the carnage so I spent a lot of time hunting around for it because I thought it was hidden somewhere.

Cute, ^_^

Ok, did you try downloading the game through the PC app? If so, try downloading it directly through the website.

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What do you mean?

I was having some fun with this but when I got to the hidden cave by the lagoon, there didn't seem to be any way to get out of there.

Hey, thanks for the response. I'll have to remember that for next time.

So, did you manage download the game?

I have to say, it's kind of sad this didn't gain more traction. Maybe you should open up the theme to games that predominately feature sentient robots in general. Rather than limiting it to just revolutions?

Hey, I just bought this and I had a couple of questions.

  1. In the manual, you talk about items being equipped. But HOW do I equip an item? I mean, what is the difference between an item that is equipped and one that is just in my inventory? Are the 4 Gear cards you can play on your character the equipped cards, and the ones in your hand are unequipped, or do you have to play them automatically and you indicate what cards are equipped in some other way?
  2. Some of the enemies have a "Draw" keyword on their Effect text. Is this executed in the Draw phase? For instance the Military Remnant says "Draw: Discard an equipped gear or take 4 damage." It doesn't tell you to actually draw anything, so I'm guessing it triggers during every draw phase?

Anyway, I've only played the game solo so far, in Tabletop Simulator, but I'm looking forward to playing the Print and Play version IRL soon. I actually found it due to the Kaiju Expansion, which I'm probably going to get after I've played a few games.

Ok, thanks for letting me know! ^_^

Hmm... is it actually possible to close the door? I've played twice now and it seemed to play out exactly the same.

Ok, quick question, did you try and download it from the new digital distribution app? That might be what the problem is. When I released this that wasn't a thing. Try downloading it from the page directly, then get back to me.

Hi, I've not encountered this before. I believe the game is just an install file that you download. Are you playing on windows?

Ok, first off, do you have to have 'music on/off'? I appreciate the option but how difficult is it to have a volume slider?

Also, it seems I broke the game on the second level with the crusher blocks. I pushed the box out a little, stood on top of it and took a running jump. I went off one side of the screen and didn't teleport to the other side. I was able to continue though by re-starting the level.

It's a pretty fun game overall.