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Hey thanks a lot!

I'll be sure to post a link when it's finally up!

This is a really cool and versatile set. I used it in a platformer I'm working on. 

Ok, while you are clearly skilled, I was a little disappointed by this set. Firstly the shipping crates in the example images don't seem to be present, also there are no doors or sides ( bow or stern ) to the boat. No ladders... unless I'm missing something?

Hey, thanks again

Hey, sorry to bother you but I couldn't find any other way to contact you. I bought this pack around 2 years ago but now it seems like I can't download it. When I try only the free version comes up for a download. Could you please help me?

Hey Enjoyable Golem, I made an update to the game and you should be able to shoot through the fences now.

Ah, fair enough, well thanks for your reply! What you've done so far is already super cool!

So... is there a way to talk to NPCs in this game?

Hmm... can you tell me what happened when you tried the fireball?

Ah, your supposed to shoot the switch through the fence. 

Well I didn't even know this was a thing, so it's definitly raising some awareness

The controls were a little obtuse, it took me a while to figure out that Q and E turned. The engine was pretty cool though. Specially liked the gun hand.

The controls were a little obtuse, it took me a while to figure out that Q and E turned. The engine was pretty cool though. Specially liked the gun hand.

Nice little game, though I did find the jumping a bit off personally. But otherwise it worked well.

I found this pretty difficult, but I also know very little about base ball so that might be a factor. I really love the aesthetic though. Top notch on that.

This was pretty cool, though it took me a while to figure out that you need to have magic to go up at all. I guess I expected to have a basic jump even with no magic

Hey, thanks a lot!

I hope so!

Ok, maybe this is a bit odd but is there no floor in the corridor set?

Hmm... you said we can't use this in physical products, so dose that mean we can't print the game on physical media like DVDs or cartridge's?

Ok I enjoyed this, though it seems the winning strategy is to kill everyone who is unemployed right at the beginning. XD

Also, if you were to update this I would make the line disappear if you shoot someone, add medicine into the ration mix and maybe allow the player to buy a number of rations at the current price before the price goes up?

There was some kind of issue with the installer registering as a virus for some inexplicable reason. So I fixed that. I don't think there are any other updates. Maybe a few other small bugs. Did you enjoy the game?

This is really cool, though I was hoping for at least 4 directions... or 3, Up, Down, Sideways?

Alright, I'll try and catch i

No worries, I'm glad your enjoying it.

...I can't upvote comments on here, thanks a lot Lucy.

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Wow, I've actually wanted to make a game similar to this! This is really cool. Though it would be nice if you could give the giantess something to eat. You can't seem to access your inventory when you are in the close up.

Some more interactions with the little people would also be pretty cool. Maybe helping them with issues with their village? Sowing crops, fishing or maybe defending them from smaller predators? Anyway, it's still really fun.

Spoiler Warning

To answer the question at the end... they attacked me. I don't normally go around shooting possums. I tried to dodge the possums initially and when I couldn't I did try and scare them off by shooting 'in the air' but that didn't seem to work. I wonder if I just let them attack me if they'll just go away or if they'll kill me eventually. There didn't seem to be any way of telling how much health I had, or even if that was a thing. They do very clearly hit you though.

Overall, it was a pretty enjoyable little game, but trying to shame the player for something you seem to be forced on them is not a good look in my opinion.

Umm... I downloaded this but all I get are some keys that rotate and then it crashes.

What the hell are these people just walking into my house?!

The fuse box was locked and I couldn't find the key.

This was really fun, though I was really wanting a cross-hair of some kind.

Hi, I figured out how to change weapons but... there doesn't seem to be any other weapons.

Ok, this was really cool. Though I have to admit, I was aching for a chaingun after a while.

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--------------[ Update]--------------
The new update (1.0.7 ) has solved the issues I was having with the game. Make sure you have this version before playing.

So, I was looking forward to playing this, the visuals are very striking but ultimately it was pretty disappointing. I spent most of my time dying in a featureless pitch black maze of irradiated vents. Each time you die, you drop all your stuff and are expected to go pick it up, but when you loose it in the maze there's a pretty good chance you won't be able to find it again. I eventually got past it but then the game stops about 5 minutes after that. So overall, this was not a good experience.

When you were in the radiation tunnel, it looks like you aren't carrying the light object around. Did you find a flash light or something laying around or was this just an older version of the game where the tunnels aren't pitch black all the time?

Thanks, I'll give it a try, though the creator really should fix that if the keys are different.

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It's really cool that you made this work on mobile devices but I can't figure out what to do about the monster. This instruction on the wall doesn't seem to work. As clicking doesn't seem to launch a paper airplane or do much of anything. I also tried avoiding the monster while turning the light off but when the light is off I can't see anything at all and continually walk into walls. Turning off the light and just waiting also seemed to have no effect. Can the monster even see or is it just responding to your audio ques?