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The door won't open.

It's 3 am.

Your room is dark.

Your mind is blank.

You are blank.

You try the door again.

It's not there anymore.

Your room is so dark.

Your room is so cold and empty.

You turn away from the place where the door used to be.

Your computer is still there.

The screen is on but beyond the desk and the chair your room is a dark void.

There is an text document open on your screen

  1.  Make a game to fill this cold empty void.
  2. You have until midnight on the 5th of November.
  3. You may use a game you've started to make before .
  4. The majority of the game should be made during the jam .
  5. If you seek inspiration think about the phrase "One Room" your game should be low rez. 
  6. Featuring low poly models, pixel art, and possibly a pixelation filter if it's 3d .
  7. Use whatever you can to make the game .
  8. The game should be spooky.
  9. If you have questions or want to chat to others in your situation listen for the discordant whispers


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You star in tonight's episode of... The Midnight Zone
you find a dusty vhs tape, with footage of an old video game
Ambient horror game about birdwatching
An atmospheric platformer set in a dying world.
You are birdfood!
A 5-minute lofi horror vignette, part of the Haunted PS1 2019 Jam.
Interactive Fiction
A PSX -styled demake of Location Withheld.
A short PSX-styled adventure game.
Arcade-Style Survival Horror
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