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I love this so much. This world draws me in really badly, I just want to know more and more.

I would love to see an RPG based in this world. Or long adventure game. Just.. Anything.

Great work!


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I managed to find both hidden "odd starseeds." Is there some secret I can hunt down with them? :D


I originally planned something to do with them, but I cut it due to time constraints. Now they just have special aesthetic effects on the fish.

Fun fact: you can complete all of the color requests using only the rainbow odd seed! The color it gives you is random though, so it would probably take a while.

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I would be interested in some kind of extended "directors cut" of some kind in the future if possible. The garden management kind of thing you got going with the fish and exploration focused gameplay loop in this game really scratches an itch for me. As does the mysterious and melancholy story and atmosphere.